Man vs Meeple Overview (12min – Dec 10 2020)

This overview was after 8 hours of play that included a 3 hour video call with the design team.

1:20 – this isn’t just another big game. It will take an investment of your time.
2:10 – it introduces concepts that the reviewer had never seen before, such as the Ship Book
2:25 – this game is a combination of a board game and a role playing game – a massive cooperative campaign style board game. It’s core is about exploration and discovery rather than combat.
5:20 – the audio logs within the game via the app is professionally recorded with special effects – these constantly keep the players immersed in the story that is taking place all around you.
6:30 – Planetary landing phase – this is short and is used to connect the other two main phases – choose your landing craft – pick crew members
7:20 – planetary exploration phase
9:00 – ship phase

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