Rahdo – Play-Through (46min Dec 20 2020)

EXCELLENT informative example of playing the planet phase [NOTE: there is a transcript as part of the YouTube video – click the — button to see that option]
1:10 – playing solo with two characters – Engineering and Recon
3:00 – begins planet phase play through – explains the symbol on the board map that means he cannot leave that space on the map until he performs the mission there
4:50 – the OTHER player can ASSIST in a dice roll with a die of their own
6:20 – the board space is replaced with a new card – which gives a new mission
10:40 – replacing the card on the board after a success
11:35 – when done with both actions of your turn, you draw a hazard card.
12:40 – success tokens to rank up
13:40 – also can spend success tokens on the ship and get more supplies
13:55 – next players turn
19:20 – end of turn draw hazard card – look to match the symbols – if any symbol matches you do what the card says
19:55 – when a new round starts you choose what player goes first
23:00 – exert yourself to remove a spent die from the game to get all the rest of the spent dice back
24:00 – unique discovery
25:20 – end of turn hazard did NOT match symbols – move timer marker ahead one
27:10 – end of turn hazard card – did not match a symbol so move timer marker ahead one
31:15 – mission is replaced
31:45 – timer markers move every time you get a hazard that does not match symbols
33:30 – now starting the ship phase
38:20 – Quick Save
39:00 – Bridge
40:30 – Situation Room
42:10 – Research Laboratory
42:40 – Manufacturing Complex
43:20 – Hangar
44:25 – Barracks – assign duties – do training – when a crew member gets back from a mission they MUST go into the RESTING portion here – any crew members that WERE resting now can come out and rejoin their crew members ready to be used
45:00 – Mission Procedures

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