December 28 Q&A with Marcin

Summary notes are below the video:


  1. 6:25 – Gamefound campaign is going well. Then he talks about the Lost Fleet campaign. This is going to be Quite Epic!
  2. 9:50 – Q: When adding dice to a section are they random or player selected? A: The player selects them.
  3. 10:10 – Q: Do you chose how many dice to start with or is that predetermined? A:  You start with permanent dice, but the player needs to customize which dice they bring into the game.
  4. 10:25 – Q: Do more powerful dice get unlocked during the campaign? A: Yes, definitely that!
  5. 10:50 – Q: Are the amount of available dice going to change? A: Everything is subject to development and testing.
  6. 11:20 – Q: Will it be ready realistically to ship in August 2021? A: When you look at Awaken Realms track history, they usually have some delays. The estimated date is based on everything going pretty well. However, yes it is possible that there will be delays.
  7. 12:35 – Q: Will there be an add-on or stretch goal to add some shininess to the dice? A: The really nice dice that people are hoping for would likely cost about $200-$300 and people would not be happy with that. However, he does think that they can make the core dice transparent and cooler. Likely not an add-on to add shininess to the dice.
  8. 14:00 – Q: Any news on friendly shipping (VAT etc)? A: Europe, UK, USA, Canada should be good for this but due to the political nature of this they can not give a 100% guarantee, but they will always find the best possible solution.
  9. 20:50 – Q: Can you have more dice of a color? A: One of the basic decisions before starting the mission is “what dice do I take”
  10. 20:55 – Q:  Are some dice restricted to certain sections? A: No… but maybe they will go that route.
  11. 21:05 – Q: Is there a way to give up a die to get an upgraded die? A: Not yet. They are considering this.
  12. 21:25 – Q: Are there ways to switch dice (give up one to gain another)? A: Yes, they are looking into something like that.
  13. 21:30 – Q: Can we get rid of previously selected dice? A: You would not want to do that. Plus the dice also can be used during Ship Phase.
  14. 22:00 – Q: What happens if a type of die is not available anymore? A: There is a limit on the types of dice. Once they have been chosen, there would not be a way to get that type any more.
  15. 22:20 – Q: Are you going to review the dice mechanics in the Ship Phase? A: Yes, they don’t want too much randomness there.
  16. 23:15 – Q: Are the scenarios just the planet phase or combined with ship phase? A: It is a combination of planet phase followed by ship phase.
  17. 30:20 – Q: Thank you for improving the Canada shipping costs.
  18. 30:45 – Q: Plain dice for core box, fancier as an upgrade plus super fancy for ultimate dice? A: They are thinking about how they might do this. Right now Marcin is excited about the Alien dice!

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