Quackalope and BoardGameCo Q&A (1hr 30min Jan 3)

6:00 – update on ISS Vanguard
8:30 – which units/sections to put in play
11:20 – how is the game flow
13:20 – Leads
14:10 – the “nice” dice – they actually had some break already playing the prototype
15:30 – miniatures add-ons
17:40 – can you be in the middle of several campaigns? Probably not. Would be tricky.
18:30 – the “all-in”
19:00 – how does ISS Vanguard compare to other games
20:15 – ISS Vanguard may be the best campaign game
22:00 – add-on character files – definitely worth the $16
24:10 – is there enough variance in the planets? YES – and every one is unique
25:10 – how to not keep killing your characters – don’t be reckless
27:50 – the add ons and game play – the core box is sufficient to have a great game
31:10 – replayable? Yes (though they don’t care) – and it will be re-sellable
33:00 – best and worst aspects playing – being reckless while playing! (and you can cheat:)
34:50 – shut up and sit down (or no pun included) reviews? They simply don’t like narrative type games – they thought that if they give a bad review then they WANT to play it :)
39:00 – what happens when you kill a character? You actually get benefits for the first few
41:30 – the Ship Book is SPECIAL
42:20 – supplemental app? It is great that it is cool but it is OK to NOT use it (the audio logs are great and professional – and they increase enjoyment by 10 times)
44:40 – ship on time? Note that they will be refining things over the coming months to make the game even better
45:40 – can you play solo with all 4 sections … yes, but why? There are pros and cons
46:15 – do you get better at the game the more you play (fiddling around with cards and pieces)
48:00 – how to get characters to level 3 – the squad level is more important
50:00 – when your character dies it is GONE (you don’t get it back)
50:30 – other languages
53:50 – this will be Awaken Realms best game yet
57:00 – dice rolling – the dice seem to be more resource and action rather than “dice” and IT WORKS
59:00 – more dice questions – there are limits on how many of a type of dice – you can get more dice than you can actually bring with you – it is STRATEGIC in choosing what specific die to use
1:01:30 – miniatures – get them if you like miniatures but they are not required to have a fun game
1:04:00 – is the ship phase boring? The binder DOES have game aspects in it. Maybe if there are 3 or 4 players it could get more tedious and people might disconnect.
1:08:00 – stand alone pop ups?
1:09:15 – dice trays needed? Keep your dice separated from each of the players.
1:11:40 – can you play solo and later allow others to join in? Yes

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