Awaken Realms Q&A January 11

29,000 backers, sleeves, aliens, planet landings, rule book and more!

Here is the link to the recorded Q&A with my highlighted notes below it:

2:00 – he is so excited about the ISS Vanguard project
7:00 – if the ISS Vanguard campaign had been on Kickstarter it would have been the 12th or 13th most funded campaign in their history – and since this was the first campaign on GameFound this is HUGE. Their prior campaigns on Kickstarter for Tainted Grail and Etherfields did do better [my note: so they have 3 campaigns in the top 15 as far as funding]
8:40 – they are so excited about ISS Vanguard with 29,000 backers they are 100% going to make this game the best possible
10:15 – will Awaken Realms get a US Bank account due to so many transactions being declined? Perhaps in the future but for now, you can call the bank and let them know that the pending charge (from Poland) is OK.
12:00 – will we be able to get a BIG model of the ISS Vanguard? Probably not
12:30 – ISS Vanguard will have sleeves available along with a special box for them
14:00 – why no male aliens? A: How do you know? Maybe aliens don’t have genders. And at this point they have NOT developed all the alien races yet and there are many ideas for them. There may be some weird twists based on a human way of looking at things. Such as with their included Pilgrimage campaign where there are events that point out how things are NOT as they appear from our human perspective.
16:00 – how do you manage all the branches during game play [based on what the gamer does] A: there are lot of decisions and lots of consequences. It’s a whole world and whole story.
18:40 – you can land on a planet multiple times so you can discover things in a later landing
22:00 – will you put a large model of ISS Vanguard into the Pledge Manager? A: no, it will be a lander size model.
24:20 – Rulebook? They are working on the rule book. The person who did the rulebook video for Tainted Grail will be working on something.
29:00 – how about a file for us to 3D print a large ISS Vanguard as part of the Pledge. A: perhaps, but if so they will give it away.
30:00 – what if all the players die in the game? A: they are looking at how to prevent that from happening.

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