Wait Your Turn – unbooking the ISS Vanguard Art Book (24mins Dec 2019)

I found this video from OVER A YEAR AGO :) It appears that this nice hardcover ISS Vanguard art book was included in the Tainted Grail Kickstarter. For those of us patiently waiting for ISS Vanguard to arrive at our door, here is a look at the art book:

0:25 – the shrink wrapped hard cover book
1:12 – opening the book (removing the shrinkwrap)
1:34 – artwork is comic like but serious as well as fantasy like
1:42 – the first take he’s seen on fantasy sci-fi
1:58 – Awaken Realms – they are social media wizards
3:32 – the background story on the first page
4:28 – turn the page to see an ad for the game
10:43 – turn the page for the art work
11:08 – artists for Awaken Realms are very impressive
12:01 – something very romantic about this art
14:40 – pink planet… you’re scanning for something … deploying to the surface
15:20 – green planet… more toxic (keep your helmet on)
15:51 – fire planet… combat ready… he likes how much they imply (even by things you don’t see)
16:30 – broken planet…
16:54 – looks like Tatooine (Star Wars)
17:20 – a Saturn like planet
17:27 – a nice back shot of our hero in leather jacket… feels like a children’s book that needs to happen (adventures of the Little Prince)
17:37 – primitive combined with high tech
18:05 – dramatic art continues
19:56 – floating glowing jellyfish
20:53 – end of the book – about the artist Dominik Majer, a German artist
21:44 – [I noticed on the final credits page this: “This product is not a toy.”

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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