BGG Most Anticipated Games of 2021 (voting ended Feb 6)

The 12th Annual Most Anticipated Games voting has concluded at Board Game Geek.  There are so many categories and so many games it could seem daunting to find ISS Vanguard, but here is a tip. Use CTRL+F from your browser* to find the game you are looking for! And in the case of ISS Vanguard you will easily find it within 3 categories this way! Here are the three places you will find it:

Here are the top 2 games (as of February 7):

#1 – Frosthaven with 2309 votes
#2 – ISS Vanguard with 1996 votes




* CTRL+F is how to do a FIND on a page for my Chromebook. Your computer or smartphone may have another way of finding text on a webpage

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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