Q&A with Awaken Realms (Feb 8)

Miniatures, epic story, feedback, and more!

Here is the link to the recorded Q&A with my highlighted notes below it:

Marcin is back from his vacation!

  1. 2:55 – There will soon be an update for ISS Vanguard
  2. 10:15 – [general comment] miniatures are about 20% larger than “normal” minis
  3. 10:30 – Q: an we order just the miniatures? A: Sorry, but no. (a logistics problem)
  4. 11:30 – looking forward to ISS Vanguard! They are working very hard on it.
  5. 13:45 – ISS Vanguard will be an EPIC STORY! It’s going to good! A lot of cool things happening.
  6. 17:10 – [general comment] there is an email in the app that you can use to report issues/problems
  7. 17:45 – [general comment] Q: miniatures lose detail in production from the initial display. A: he explains the process for making the mold to produce a miniature. There are some things that are impossible to foresee that need to be changed in the final production mold. Small changes are always expected. They try to get it as close the original as they can. They are improving quality as they go from game to game. Soft vs hard in the miniatures.
  8. 20:15 – [general question] Q: hesitate backing games due to miniatures changing. A: typically the differences are not that big. Every company is doing this with their miniature production. It is the process of making miniatures basically. Meanwhile, they have a constant trend of improving.
  9. 20:15 – ISS Vanguard miniatures – proud of their work on them. The miniatures are entering production now.
  10. 23:15 – they put a priority on making the next game a great game.
  11. 30:00 – they are very interested in getting our feedback on the game (they are always looking for ways to improve)
  12. 30:55 – Q: there seems to be so many games coming out now with miniatures, is the market getting saturated? A: For ISS Vanguard the base game has tons of components and only a few miniatures for a very good price. And then, if you like miniatures, then you can buy them as an add-on. The added miniatures will not affect the game play that much.

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