Ant Lab 2 player (4 sections) Playthrough – 2hrs December 8

I just discovered that I hadn’t included Ant Lab Games preview! (I had watched it over a month ago and then neglected to add it to this site) So, here it is … and now I have to make an index for their two hour preview!

3:15 – Ship Logbook
4:10 – the game laid out on the table
4:50 – there are 4 sections that you can manage, but you also manage the crew within a section
5:25 – they scanned the planet surface before landing on it with a deeper scan to determine what the planet conditions were before landing on it
6:30 – all four of the crew from the lander are placed on sector 1 of the board
6:50 – each crew member draws 2 action cards
7:20 – event cards
7:35 – mission card
8:10 – mission: exploring looking for signs of advanced life
8:25 – draw two rank up cards and keep one for each crew member (gives a personal goal)
10:10 – ready to actually land
10:30 – when landing you switch to use the log book / app – first listen to the app
12:45 – then get out the log book to see the page referenced
14:20 – they have four gear and four supplies on their lander and have to roll the danger die three times (for the 3 markers they placed by the lander cargo bay) – on the first roll they lost a med kit and a supply. 2nd roll they lost nothing. 3rd lost supplies and adrenaline shot
16:25 – they are landed (losing half their gear in the process)
16:45 – they divvy out the gear to the crew
17:50 – they go over their crew abilities
18:50 – ready to start on the planet
19:20 – you roll dice for everything – bottom right corner of the planet page explains your travel success or fail
19:40 – there are different actions at each location that do different things (including getting leads and discoveries)
20:20 – if you rest you can recover dice but it costs you supplies
21:15 – since this is a co-op game players can “move” or take their turn in any order – she is sending her science guy out first
22:00 – a flag icon on the location card means the location is fully explored (no more cards will be placed on top of it)
23:50 – she is going to roll two dice … but any other crew member in that location can help by adding in one of their dice. One of her dice was a FAIL which got the hazard so they pull one hazard card – she got a GOOD hazard card that let her refresh one die – she rolled again and failed again.
26:30 – her turn is over so she flips the green TURN AVAILABLE marker over to the RED completed side and draws a hazard card
27:30 – every die you roll is exhausted
29:30 – she rolls two dice with success and earns a success crystal (place on the ship) and got a yellow lead (place in the ship) as well a fully explored card for the location
30:30 – she played a refresh after a roll card to refresh her die
31:20 – how movement works (pretty intuitive) – she rolled a a success and moved to the next location – her turn is over and she gets one hazard card at the end of her turn & timer cube is advanced
32:20 – he rolled a Vanguard symbol on the die for his turn (success) and got to move to the next location – then rolled a die for another success to move to the next location again. Symbol on the location doesn’t match so advance the timer cube and flip the green TURN AVAILABLE over to the red side
36:20 – gained a unique discovery
39:20 – a wound injury
42:45 – they lost their lander (flip it upside down)
50:15 – rest without supplies gets back two dice and draw an action card
51:45 – discard one die from the rest of this scenario to get all the other dice back (exert)
1:04:30 – move his guy down – then lots of discussion about what they want to do next
1:13:10 – his guy needs wounds healed but doesn’t have the symbols on the available dice
1:17:45 – next turn
1:32:00 – next turn
1:33:55 – this is the 3rd (or 4th) time they “exert” themselves to get all their dice back (but lose one die for the rest of the scenario)
1:40:35 – an interesting turn of events at the end of their planet phase
1:42:00 – Discussion Time (after the play through) – another whole planet page just opened up (which they are not going to include in this play through for time’s sake)
1:45:00 – Next would come the Ship Phase
1:45:45 – high level overview of the Ship Book and Ship Phase
1:50:55 – energy discussed – you need the energy for a variety of things, so use it wisely
1:52:20 – each section has it’s own page(s) so if you are playing with multiple players, they each will have some ship pages to take care of which is really cool
1:54:45 – you can slot some of your crew into “training” and that will level them up!
1:58:00 – even as a prototype this game is unbelievable … like what he dreamed it could be and IT WAS! It is Crazy Good and will be Insanely Fun!

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