Development Update #1 (Feb 12)

Update #19
Update #19

Awaken Realms has posted their first update since their THANK YOU at the campaign’s completion! Here is a summary from the update. [note this is update #19 – there is no update #18]

  1. The Pledge Manager will open soon (likely in March)
  2. Late pledges will be available (so if you missed the campaign, keep watching for this to get in on the game)
  3. They are investigating how they might include premium dice (best quality at a good price)
  4. They also are investigating options for the sundrop treatment of the miniatures
  5. There might be ISS Vanguard posters [personal note: I am hoping for a long or short sleeved t-shirt]
  6. There is a possibility for a “dice tower” addition in the Pledge Manager
  7. They love the feedback and suggestions and are likely to implement some, but they won’t become too distracted from accomplishing the main goal!
  8. They are on their second pass at evaluating oversized cards for for “threats”. They can now be more active on the board and are vastly improved since those seen in the prototype videos
  9. Community suggestions have gone into dice roll tweaks so they are more dynamic and large rolls are better
  10. More of the failures won’t have been just a waste of time but will have their own interesting results or even side-quests
  11. The Lander has been simplified to be cleaner and easier to use
  12. The “Leads” may now be tokens instead of cards and there may be more discoveries
  13. The “Hazards” deck was tweaked to include more exciting choices and to remove troublesome ones.
  14. They have developed a new “first landing” that gives a more gradual introduction to the game and is fully skip-able once you are familiar with the game play
  15. They are planning a big round of play testing in March to confirm the final rule set

The update also includes two photos of new content being developed as well as a couple new art images.

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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