March 22 LIVE Q&A with Awaken Realms

COVID lockdowns and more!

Here is the link to the recorded Q&A with my highlighted notes below it:

  1. 1:00 New COVID lockdowns (3rd or 4th) in Poland is causing some issues and most of their team is working from home. The blind play testing [playing the game for the first time] of ISS Vanguard had to be postponed until the lockdown is lifted. But their team is healthy and well.
  2. 2:20 Work on ISS Vanguard is exciting as they are polishing the game and working on the details (but the details make a great game!). They are working on it full force.
  3. 05:20 – Pledge Manager likely will open in the first half of April
  4. 9:00 – there are a lot of game companies in Poland
  5. 16:05 Q: Will Pledge Manager open again before the 1st wave shipping starts? A: Maybe, but hard to tell right now as it does make things more complicated due to the many different types of orders.
  6. 18:35 Q: when are you planning to post the next update? A: likely when the Pledge Manager opens in 2-3 weeks.

More Videos Click => Awaken Realms Videos page

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