March 29 Q&A with Awaken Realms

COVID lockdown, Late Pledge, App, delivery date, miniatures and more!

Here is the link to the recorded Q&A with my highlighted notes below it:

Time Stamps for ISS Vanguard related info and answers:

  1. 0:00 – Currently Poland is under COVID lockdown.
  2. 4:40 – Pledge Manager will be opening in April and then there will be a Late Pledge
  3. 9:05 – Is the App going be voiced with a language other than English? A: Voice over will be only in English. The text will be in the other language.
  4. 17:30 – Estimated Delivery Date? A: They are in deep development right now so it is hard to estimate. There may be a slight delay but it is looking good right now.
  5. 22:25 – Are miniatures being used more than in Tainted Grail and Etherfields? A: It will be about the same.
  6. 23:45 – How long with the Late Pledge Manager stay open once it starts? A: 2-3 months

Click => Awaken Realms Videos page

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