April 5 Q&A with Awaken Realms

Shipping, COVID lockdown, Personal Files, and more!

Here is the link to the recorded Q&A with my highlighted notes below it:


  • 2:00 Pledge Manager should be this month and will include Late Pledges. It will be a bit different that their normal Pledge Manager because it is on Gamefound while prior games were on Kickstarter.
  • 5:15 Shipping News (for their other games) – They were happy that they could schedule the huge containers needed to ship Nemesis Lockdown because the shipping from China right now is not going that well and costs (to the game companies) to ship the containers out from China is up about triple normal costs right now. Awaken Realms is happy that their logistics team was able to secure their needed containers.
  • 6:20 COVID news – there is a lockdown in Poland so they are working from home. This is affecting how they are doing their playtesting (blind tests) and is delaying the process for them, but this delay should be small.
  • 10:40 Q: were any Awaken Realms shipping containers on the huge cargo ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal? A: No, their containers were not on that ship. However, there is about a week delay at the Suez Canal that affects their shipping to Europe for their currently shipped games (not ISS Vanguard)
  • 11:00 ISS Vanguard ship date? Too soon to tell due to it being early in the development timeline and is hard to plan as it is a super complex project. Should be about right but might be slightly delayed due to the working from home situation in Poland.
  • 12:10 Q: Will Personal Files be shipped with the core game in Wave One shipping? A: Possibly. They will try, but they are not sure.
  • 19:15 Q: what are his personal favorite board games? A: Game of Thrones, Chaos in the Old World and Terraforming Mars

Click => Awaken Realms Videos page
ALSO … I plan on providing a time stamp index to all comments pertaining to ISS Vanguard just below the video once it concludes (I watch it twice – once live and then I watch it again to get the time stamps :)

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