Monday LIVE Q&A with Awaken Realms (April 12)

Late Pledges, timeline, sleeves, miniatures on cards, and more!

Here is the link to the recorded Q&A with my highlighted notes below it:

Q&A Highlights relating to ISS Vanguard:

  1. 5:45 – There should be an update for ISS Vanguard this week. Late this month should be the Pledge Manager and Late Pledge opening.
  2. 9:35 – One of the main things they are working on right now is ISS Vanguard.
  3. 12:05 – How close to the schedule is ISS Vanguard? A: They are still working on the development right now so it is hard to put “dates” on it. No major fixes are needed and nothing bad has been found in the game. There could be delays but it still is possible to hit their initial estimates for the schedule. The style of the game is very unique. The art and colors are very interesting and different than what they’ve done before. There will be a lot of cool interactions in the game.
  4. 14:25 – Q: are there things to do to keep on schedule even during the COVID lockdowns? A: They are working on a tabletop simulator. This is difficult with a campaign style game.
  5. 19:00 – ISS Vanguard will be an amazing game. (but they don’t want to rush anything)
  6. 20:20 – Q: will pledge manager allow adding to the pledge? A: yes, there likely will be some added items available. Maybe some posters.
  7. 21:15 – Q: upgrading pledge in the pledge manager? A: It will open the end of this month.
  8. 22:00 – Q: putting cards in sleeves – will sleeved cards fit in the box? A: to allow cards to fit into the box with sleeves they would need to allow about double the space, and then people who do not get sleeves are impacted. So, what Awaken Realms does is that those who order the sleeves thru them will get an extra box to hold the sleeved cards.
  9. 28:00 – Q: will placing a miniature on a card block the text on the card? A: They are trying to make a space on the cards where the miniature can go.

Click => Awaken Realms Videos page
ALSO … I plan on providing a time stamp index to all comments pertaining to ISS Vanguard just below the video soon (I watch it twice – once live and then I watch it again to get the time stamps :)

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