Development Update #3

Awaken Realms has just posted there latest update in the GameFound updates section!

Click => Full Update

  1. Pledge Manager is coming soon (in today’s live Q&A Marcin noted that it likely will go out by the end of the month)
  2. All the teams are working hard on the many aspects of the game. Iteration is the common word there! Do some tweaks, try it again. Tweak some more and then test it again.
  3. They are watching all our comments in the Gamefound Comments section
  4. They included a few photos of them play testing ISS Vanguard
  5. They have done some external play testing already (earlier than typical for how they develop their games) hoping to raise the quality bar even higher! The COVID lockdown in Poland (likely thru mid May) is hampering their ability to host live blind tests, but they have proceed in other ways!
  6. They soon will be sending new prototypes out to a few different Play Test Groups around the world!
  7. Lots of new art is displayed in the update, including this:


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