Monday LIVE Q&A with Awaken Realms (April 26) 11am Eastern USA

Pledge Manager, next update, new prototype, play testers, add-ons, crew members, dice, miniatures and more!

Here is the link to the recorded Q&A with my highlighted notes below it:

ISS Vanguard Info and Answers with time stamps:

  1. 6:30 – Pledge Manager is coming – was planned for this week but there is a Polish holiday on Friday so now may be first half of next week
  2. 7:05 – Another Update should come out at the start of next week with news, highlights and info on the changes being made
  3. 7:25 – They are working with a new development prototype now that includes all the changes
  4. 7:40 – They had some of the play testers who tested the original prototype play test the new version with the changes and they like it much better now.
  5. 9:25 – They have the COVID vaccine in Poland but vaccinations are going slowly. His parents were vaccinated already.
  6. 11:25 – There will be some extra things available that people can get via the Pledge Manager… some fun things (he doesn’t want to spoil it now)
  7. 13:55 – question about the crew sent down on the mission – A: decision on the crew is made by the player(s) where they review each section to choose which crew member to take. Remember that they might die … so take into consideration which crew you wish to risk on this mission
  8. 14:35 – question about the premium dice option – A: yes there will be a premium dice option (he had a pack of them right there at his desk). He held one up but it was hard to see. It is translucent with two colors inside and special dots. Plus it will include metal dice, likely 4 metal dice. They look better, but still have the same weight (different than the “stone” dice that were in the original prototype which did NOT work out since they were pretty easy to break and crush and super expensive besides so that type of dice was not really an option).
  9. 16:05 – there will be some updates coming (prior to delivery) to show off all the additional content that they have been adding to the game that will include some small spoilers but there be some cool things.
  10. 16:30 – question about the miniatures – A: the miniatures are mostly for the collectors… you can play fine without those using the cards. They are not that much more fun, but they are cool looking and create this extra feeling to the game. So, if you like miniatures, go for it. But if you don’t like miniatures, then don’t get that add-on option as the game will play fine without them too.
  11. 17:30 – the problem with the games (in general) is that some reviewers consider them too hard, while others say that they are too easy!
  12. 20:50 question about dice rules that seem very punitive and will there be two ship binders? – A: There will be one ship binder. They have done some modifications to the dice rules that have made them so much more exciting. Details will be in the upcoming update. Some rolls can give you special skills and other interesting things. Now you get rewarded for using extra dice and even if you fail in your roll you can get things.

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