Where Are You From? (81 countries so far)

Wow … someone asked in the GameFound comments section about what countries people are from who are getting this game. So, I went and looked at the stats for this website which count each visitor and what country they are from! (don’t worry – it does not record info about any specific visitor, just a general count). So … since there is interest in this, here are the countries that have visited My ISS Vanguard.

NOTE: When this article was written there were 67 countries that had people visiting MyISSVanaguard.com … on May 20, 2021 we are up to 81 countries who have had people visiting MyISSVanguard.com

I will list the 67 countries with the most visitors first (counting each person only once):

Top Ten (1-10)

Next Ten (11-20)

Next Ten (21-30)

Next Ten (31-40)

Next Ten (41-50)

Next Ten (51-60)

Final Seven (61-67)

NOTE: if your country is not listed, it may be one of the 14 countries that have been added to this ever expanding list!

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