Lost Fleet: Countdown to Pledge Manager (6)

Our countdown the planned opening of the Pledge Manager continues!

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And now an additional campaign that is so huge that it took Awaken Realms three long updates to present it to us! Yes, day 6 in our countdown is dedicated to The Lost Fleet!

This new campaign is free to all backers with the Core Box and ships as part of Wave 2. It will NOT be included with the retail core box edition!

Here’s the story behind The Lost Fleet campaign:

ISS Vanguard has completed it’s mission fifty years ago and Earth is in contact with several alien races and is expanding to nearby star systems. Knowledge, discoveries and new technologies allowed humanity to build three faster and better starships. The ISS Dauntless and ISS Valiant are sent on a long exploration and settlement mission but soon after reaching their destination, both disappear! The ISS Starchild is then outfitted for every conceivable contingency and sent on a rescue mission… but it too disappears!

There is only one ship left capable of interstellar travel, the ISS Vanguard. It had been decommissioned once the newer more advance ships were built, but now it was refurbished and put back into action! Earths FIRST starship is now our LAST starship and it sets off on its mission without any hope of help or backup.

Its mission: to find the three ships of The Lost Fleet, rescue as much of their crew as possible, and to make sure that Earth is not in danger.

Game play for this campaign may be similar to the core game play. However, you will be using the new Galactopedia in a slightly different manner! You will be looking for clues (both big or small) about the missing ships as you reconstruct their final months. Many clues will be part of the non-landing destinations in the Galactopedia, so look through it VERY CAREFULLY!

What is included with The Lost Fleet campaign?

  1. New Galactopedia book covering 18 Outer Arm Star Systems and more than 70 interesting places to visit
  2. New 36 page Planetopedia book with exciting planet types to play on
  3. Additional 80 page Log Book
  4. 60 Hazard cards
  5. 25 Planetary Information cards
  6. 60 additional Mission and Events cards
  7. 150 additional Points of Interest cards
  8. 10 additional Injury cards
  9. 12 new or upgraded Threat cards
  10. 9 new Recon Action cards
  11. 9 new Science Action cards
  12. 9 new Engineering Action cards
  13. 9 new Security Action cards
  14. 40 new Discovery cards (including two new Discovery types)
  15. 22 additional unique Discovery cards
  16. 30 additional Equipment cards
  17. 24 Scientific Project cards
  18. 24 Ship Situation cards (including alien-human relations and tensions)
  19. 24 Production Projects
  20. 18 Ship Upgrades
  21. 5 cardboard dividers for the Ship book with new rooms and rules
  22. 4 card holder pages for the Ship book with new game mechanics
  23. 9 new Alien Dice
  24. 4 new Threats (as standees in the base game or miniatures with the Close Encounters box)

Since this article is just taking a Look Back at this campaign, only a few of the details will be shown. Make sure to click on the links to the three official updates (7, 8, 10) to enjoy the full update on The Lost Fleet. Meanwhile…

Here is a preview of the 9 Alien Dice:

The Outer Arm has new threats and fascinating alien creatures including new planetary guardians! The Lost Fleet in Wave 2 will have standees while the miniatures will be in the Close Encounters box.

Distorted Planidian (standee and miniature)

The Distorted Planidian is an alien race so different from anything seen up to this point that just discovering who they are and what they are doing is an essential challenge in the campaign.

Lost Arrogator (standee / miniature)

The Lost Arrogator is a militant race. You will need to discover what is influencing them during the campaign.

Spawn Guard (standee / miniature)

The Spawn Guard is carrying a sack that provides a living habitat for … (sorry, no spoilers!)

Impact (standee / miniature)

And, as you may have expected, there will be battle scenes and “Impact” will represent incoming enemy fire or bombardment.

There also will be tons of new cards for The Lost Fleet campaign as noted in the 24 point list above!

And, finally, the Ship Book will be getting some new pages that you will add throughout the campaign allowing you to perform new and exciting tasks.

This has been a quick look back at The Lost Fleet campaign. Be sure to reread the three official updates that give you more details as well as many great illustrations to help you understand all the things included!

Click => Enjoy the full Update #7 and full Update #8 and full Update #10

Click => Back to 3 column view

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