May 10 Marcin’s Q&A is recorded and ready to watch now

Marcin’s LiveStream Q&A is finished and was recorded, so you can watch the recorded video now. Be sure to look under the video window for a time stamp index to all mentions of ISS Vanguard!

Summary of ISS Vanguard Info and Answers:

  1. 3:05 – ISS Vanguard Pledge Manager should be this week. It was delayed due to it being the first campaign on GameFound that is moving from the campaign to the pledge manager.
  2. 3:45 – They expect to have a Showcase Video (with their next posted update?).
  3. 3:55 – Also by the end of the month they plan to make a few more prototypes with all the updates and changes to send to some of the reviewers who played ISS Vanguard and published reviews of the game.
  4. 11:45 – Q: Waiting for the Pledge Manager A: Yeah, me too! The game is looking super good in development right now.
  5. 12:05 – Q: Which will ship first? Lockdown wave 2 or Etherfields wave 2 or ISS Vanguard wave 1? A: Hard to say because all three should be very close to shipping about the same time.
  6. 17:30 – Pledge Manager opening soon. Should stay open for about 2 months or so.
  7. 17:55 – Q: Is it Personal Files or Personnel Files? A: They will be checking that more as it gets ready to go to print.
  8. 19:00 – Q: Possible to get ISS Vanguard on Steam for the PC like Tainted Grail? A: They are still poking around with the digital game area and learning A LOT as they do! Answer is probably yes, but nothing is happening right now. Maybe at the end of the year. Watch for updates and announcements.
  9. 20:00 – There are so many good graphics and so many good voice overs for ISS Vanguard!
  10. 20:50 – Q: When should I receive ISS Vanguard (I pledged for the full version) A: It’s about four months away. But you will need to do the Pledge Manager first.
  11. 27:05 – ISS Vanguard will have a pretty advanced app, but combined with the music, the effects, and the art … it will be like a cinematic experience connected to the board game. It is elevated to be more like a 3D board game.
  12. 29:50 – watch for the Pledge Manager and Late Pledges before the next Q&A LiveStream.

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ALSO … I plan on providing a time stamp index to all comments pertaining to ISS Vanguard just below the video once it concludes (I watch it twice – once live and then I watch it again to get the time stamps :) It will be a bit later than usual this time due to my dentist appointment.

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