Collectibles: CountUP to Pledge Manager (6)

I wasn’t planning on another article today … but, of course, that is when things start happening!

I saw a comment (by Bartinator) on the GameFound page referring to seeing items appearing under the Addons section on the Project page for ISS Vanguard … and then the items disappeared.

Then PhoenixT found this for the All-In Pledge (with Sundrop) at a price of $535:

I will show a screenshot of each of these below the ones that I found (to continue the “list”!)

Ah ha … it looks like the glitch in the Pledge Manager may be nearly unglitched and they are filling up the list of Addons now! First … if you wish to keep an eye out on it yourself, here is where you find the “Collectibles” section:

Next … here are the items that are there at the moment that I clicked Collectibles:





And from the Ultimate All-In Pledge (Sundrop) that PhoenixT found:

oh oh …. they have been marked unviewable already!

However … the images were in a ongoing GIF … so, here are some images only (no prices):


Four Playmats




2nd Playmat


Third Playmat


4th Playmat

and the Dice Tower (dice not included):

Dice Tower Box


Dice Tower in Action

And more action of Dice Tower:

Dice Tower action 1
Three of the dice

and 9 dice pictured:

Nine Dice Pictured

and Dice and Card Holders (one for each of the four sections):

Dice and Card Holder Cube


Dice and Card Holders opening (I think)


Card Holder / Dice Holder


another Dice and Card Holders

and PETS:

All Pets

Llama Pet:

Llama Pet (notice the dice type)

Bird Pet:

Bird Pet

Monkey Pet:

Monkey Pet

Kangaroo Pet?

Kangaroo Pet ???


Sundrop Effect (color may be final???)

and Three Posters:

Example poster:

3rd Poster

Other two posters have already been revealed! See Poster 1 and Poster 2

Additional Note about the Four Sections in the game:

Each crew member is part of one of the four sections. Each section has it’s own symbol or logo or icon as well as two miniatures! Here are the miniatures included along with the symbol/icon/logo for each (as well as their cute “saying” at the bottom)

  1. Engineering Section (Do The Undoable)
  2. Science Section (Searching For Questions)
  3. Recon Section (Beyond New Horizons)
  4. Security Section (Always First In Line)

If you see others there, grab a screenshot and send me a comment about what you found please! Use the website CONTACT page to let me know and I can email you back to get more details. Click=> Contact Me

Thanks … and happy hunting!

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