Summary of Official Update (May 13)

The Pledge Manager is now Open and there is Awaken Realms posted a nice official update to go along with the Launch of the Pledge Manager (along with the Late Pledge):

Click=> Read the Full Update

Here is a summary of the Update:

You will get your official email with info about the Pledge Manager within 24 hours. But you don’t have to wait to get that email. To go to the Pledge Manager, just go to the PROJECT section on GameFound! It is where the Campaign used to be, but you still can view the original campaign! Click=> Original Campaign page


There has been no changes to the shipping costs.


They released a 16 minute video you can watch on YouTube (key points summary under the video window with time stamps):

Highlights from the video (with time stamps):

  1. 0:30 – They reviewed all the comments and feedback from supporters (that’s us!) and added OUR suggestions and requests to their own list of things they would love to do with the game.
  2. 0:45 – Here you see their new prototype boards, cards, and other pieces and accessories
  3. 1:05 – One significant change to the game was in how the game starts. Originally it started with a mission to a planet followed by a ship phase and you had to learn all the game mechanics at once from those two phases. They have changed the game to begin earlier and allow you to learn about the game and it’s game mechanics in a more gradual manner over the course of three planetary explorations and two ship phases.
  4. 4:25 – there is a way to replay the game campaign that will bypass the introductory missions. Experienced players also can skip those first missions as well if they wish.
  5. 4:45 – The second major change was with dice play. The dice are core to the game.
  6. 5:20 – They expanded how the dice interact and intertwine with the game. They now can lead to surprises and challenges. There are added points of interest cards as well as puzzles to solve. This made the planets more varied and more tactically interesting.
  7. 6:10 – They also wanted to give players a chance to trigger something more based on their dice roll. This could be a nice bonus on top of everything else. Thus all section cards in the game now contain a “dice combination” and some of those combinations if achieved in the dice roll might refresh a die or two but some of them (that are hard to achieve) can be quite game changing.
  8. 7:25 – In addition to the dice rolls yielding a bonus or surprise, the game now is more dynamic regarding the planets themselves, which used to be fairly static, but now can change more as you explore it (or time passes… such as a volcano erupting). They have done this with a new card type: Global Condition cards that replace some of the previous event cards. Conditions on the planet can now change from turn to turn. You also can explore the same planet with the same group twice but have different results!
  9. 9:30 – They refined the Ship Book. They enhanced crew assignments which is the way for you to put your crew to work on ISS Vanguard and acquire many interesting bonuses. Before you were limited to up to five of your crew members. Now you can assign as many of your available crew members as you want. Almost every part of the Ship Book now has a place where a crew member can be put to work. These assigned crew members return to you rested on the next Ship Phase. Note that crew members now can help other crew members.
  10. 12:25 – The content of the game has been expanded.
  11. 13:10 – For the first time, Awaken Realms is doing blind play testing right in the middle of their development cycle!
  12. 14:00 – They are making 15 new prototypes with all the updates and changes. These will be shipped to real game players for testing [they previously determined which play test groups would get these new prototypes].
  13. 14:45 – They hope that some of the play test groups will have some live play throughs.


These are the optional add-ons that have no gameplay value and are not needed to enjoy the full gamepay (but they look cool):

  1. Painted Miniatures (they will paint them for you)
  2. Dice Upgrade – the standard dice in the Core Box and Stretch Goals will be upgraded with “star dust” inside each dice as well as some color gradation.

    Original Dice on the left and Upgrade Dice on the right
  3. P.E.T. robot miniatures – one for each of the four sections
  4. Hard Plastic Cards and Dice holders – one for each of the four sections

    One for each of the four sections with symbol on lid
  5. Dice Tower
  6. Play Mats – one for each of the four sections:
  7. Pack of Three Posters


They have updated the FAQ! Click=> FAQ


They are still sculpting the miniatures in the Close Encounters expansion and have revealed two more of them:



New prototypes with the changes and enhanced gameplay will be sent to reviewers who reviewed the initial prototype six months ago, so we should watch for new updated reviews soon.

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