May 17 Q&A with Marcin

Storage Containers, Dice, Sun Drop, P.E.T.s, Playmats, New Prototype, Miniatures and Personal Files

The LiveStream Q&A with Marcin was recorded, so you can watch it at any time now! My typical highlights and summary are added below the video:

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights with time stamps:

  1. 2:00 – ISS Vanguard Pledge Manager and Late Pledges was opened
  2. 2:10 – It was delayed a little due to this being the very first game on GameFound to go from the campaign to the Pledge Manager (this was a brand new process). It took three iterations to get it launched. They are happy in how the Pledge Manager launched – nothing broke and everything works!
  3. 8:25 – Storage Containers – this add on will NOT fit into the insert in the Core box but there will be a different box for them.
  4. 8:50 – Comparison photo of standard vs upgrade dice? No… they won’t have them to do this. Standard dice will be transparent one color similar to standard dice in Nemesis and Lords of Hellas. The upgraded dice will be two colors mixed together with stardust added.
  5. 9:20 – Final Sundrop colors? They should know this in a month or two.
  6. 9:30 – How will the playmats work? There will be indicators of where all the cards and other things fit on it.
  7. 9:45 – How many P.E.T.s can be taken on a mission? Only one. The add on is purely cosmetic.
  8. 10:10 – Suggestion to allow backers to purchase both styles of dice – It started that way when they first looked into doing this. But this ended up much better. Adding a standard dice add on would be too much of a logistics problem. The majority should be happy with this solution, getting 70 dice upgraded for just $25. This is a crazy good price.
  9. 11:55 – They are sending new prototypes to some reviewers who reviewed the first prototype so that they could show us the changes that have been made to the game. We should see how the game is much better now.
  10. 12:45 – Is Wave 1 still estimated for August 2021? An update about this will be coming. They are not writing anything on this quite yet. They want to first fully estimate where they are in the process. They want do the final prototype first to send to some reviewers and to some blind play testers to get their reactions and feedback. If they think the quality is as good as expected then they will start producing the final product files. However, if there might be some more development needed, then it will take more time. They probably will be answering this in their next update in about a month.
  11. 14:15 – How often will the monster miniatures be used compared to Tainted Grail and Etherfields? A: About the same. They are not “required”.
  12. 17:55 – The playmats do NOT replace the section boards. They will see if they can illustrate or demonstrate how they are used.
  13. 18:10 – Can Personal Files expansion be shipped with Wave 1? A: Yeah, they are doing their best to have it included in Wave 1 (but can’t guarantee this).
  14. 19:35 – Is ISS Vanguard a text heavy game? A: There is a lot of story for sure, but ISS Vanguard will be more action based with dialog and things happening with sounds while Tainted Grail was more descriptive.
  15.  21:05 – Is delivery estimate still August 2021? A: Their next update should happen when they know how everything is flowing and how it should go. A new estimate will be coming then. Generally, the development is still pretty good. Maybe just a little extra time to be sure everything is super polished and well done. They want to do a lot of blind play tests right now to be sure that the whole campaign is really well done.
  16. 23:15 – The hard plastic Section Boxes will NOT fit into the game box.
  17. 23:40 – Are the symbols on the dice printed or engraved? A: both sets of dice will be engraved.
  18. 24:15 – SideNote: Etherfields will not be going to retail but will be kept as a Kickstarter exclusive, but they do hope to do something more with it (but have no timeline yet)
  19. 24:55 – Will the standard game section boxes be cardboard? A: For the standard game the section boxes will be modular places in the insert of the game box. It will just be a place for your cards and dice all within the insert. They may add more description to help people understand how this will work. It will be similar to the Etherfields holder. It is a very nice cosmetic upgrade.

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