Will It Fit On My Table?

Granted, ISS Vanguard appears to be a fantastic epic game and the expansions and add ons make it even more so! However, there is one very important question that many of us should consider, because even the best game in the world won’t do us much good if it doesn’t fit on our table.

This important question is best answered by our whole community, so this is your invitation to chip in and help others with the question before us as we look through the Pledge Manager… will everything I get fit? (“get fit” – is that a pun?)

I’ve helped another game community with this question just a few weeks ago (see=> Will It Fit On My Table) and the shared results were very helpful. This game (ISS Vanguard) is way different than that game (Doomlings), but the question was similar … if I get the game plus the playmats will it all fit on my table!

ISS Vanguard will take a bit more thought. We will need space for each players play area (with or without playmats) as well as the Planetopedia open to a two page planet exploration area. But we also will need table space to roll the dice (or do it on a side table). And judging from the video that Awaken Realms just released, it seems there are quite a few cards and tokens that need added table space. Here is a screen shot from that video:

This appears to be a two player game. If there are 3 or 4 players, more table space will be needed. Would any of you in the ISS Vanguard community (thousands of you) like to help others try to determine how much table space is needed or how the various components can be placed on specific types of tables?

Before I even started this article, Stephen submitted his presentation in this way:

I assumed the playmats would end up 14″x18″ (about +2″ both dimensions) and an 11″x22″ Planetopedia. On a 6’x2.5′ (72″x30″) table, it looks maybe like this:

Jorg also has chipped in even before I wrote this starter article with these thoughts:

I don’t think we have enough information to know, as I believe the dimension of the book is not know. But I love the idea, and we could estimate, thanks to the information of the mats a little bit. The book could be basically the size of the box, times 2, as it would open to display two pages. That put in the middle, and then 4 mats around it to cover the space needed for all the items and things used by players..

Let’s glance at the table space that the game components will need:

  1. Planetopedia (opened for two page spread) – since a typical game box is about 12 inches square (30.5 cm), if it is included in the box it would be 11x22inches or 11.5x23inches (27.9×55.9cm or 29.2×58.4cm). Here is a screen shot of five cards placed ABOVE a page (indicating that we likely need that added 3.5 inches above it (8.9cm) but also helping us decide just how big that Planetopedia really is. Each card is 2.5 inches wide (6.35cm) so to fit five cards across that one Planetopedia page would require the page to be AT LEAST 12.5 inches (31.75cm), but based on the screen shot below it more likely will be at least 13 inches (33cm) for one page or 26 inches (66cm) for the two pages span.
  2. Playmats – while not required, a playmat will be very helpful in keeping things organized and managable). Their size is unclear, but may be 39x34cm (15.4×13.4inches) or 41x32cm (16.1×12.6inches)
  3. Dice Tower (possibly with a tray under it via Etsy) – 7.5cm (3inch) wide (likely a square area). Even without a dice tower, we will need some table space to roll the dice.
  4. Added Space above the Planetopedia (about 3.5inches or 8.9cm) – the other half of that area could be for tokens and several other card stacks

We can visualize these components on a variety of tables:

  1. 33.5×33.5inch card table (85.1×85.1cm) – it barely fits! Click=> Barely Fits on Card Table
  2. 48x36inch or 4x3foot dining table (121.9×91.4cm)
  3. 48x24inch or 4x2foot table (121.9x61cm)
  4. 60x25inch or 5×2.1foot table (152.4×63.5cm)
  5. 72x30inch or 6×2.5foot table (182.9×76.2cm)

Table #1 and #4 are the ones I likely would be using. Your table may be different (likely so).

It looks like I could play a 2 player game on my card table (#1) with the players sitting next to each other and the two player mats side by side lengthwise in front and the Planetopedia centered above them. The 33.5 inches across on my table (85.1cm) will likely fit the two playmats. The bare minimum height needed (in inches) would be about 13.4 for a playmat, 13 for the Planetopedia page and 3.5 for the cards above the Planetopedia. 13.4 + 13 + 3.5 = 29.9 inches (34 + 33 + 8.9 = 75.9cm) which would fit on my 33.5 inch square table (85.1cm square). An area for rolling the dice might be an issue for me though :)

What are your thoughts on Table Space? Please consider sharing with the rest of us! Send your thoughts, suggestions and ideas via the CONTACT page … I can reply back to your email for more details, photos and illustrations. Click=> Contact Me

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