Prototype 2 – What Changed (18mins) Rolling Solo

Rolling Solo presents an overview of the changes in the game with great photos of the items in the prototype.  I added notes with time stamps under the video window so you can “search” for things on this website and find them even if they are within a video!

Highlights and Summary Notes:

    1. 2:00 – A reminder that everything seen is still a prototype and subject to change in the final release.
    2. 2:55 – New and Expanded Dice Play! Before you clean up your dice (after rolling the dice for your turn) you will be able to use various combos of the icons on the dice rolled on planet boards as well as cards that you have for your character.

      Len’s Note: these are NOT the final dice which will be either translucent or galaxy affect! See=> Dice (items #3 & 4)
    3. 3:30 – New Types of Dice Rolls! Many Points Of Interest on the planet board now include “tracks” that can be progressed. Example:

  1. 4:10 – In the first prototype, each roll of the dice had two basic outcomes. Either you got a basic success or you also got the bonus. Now (prototype 2) some rolls are going to actually progress with every occurrence of a certain color or symbol. The opens many new strategies and will make large dice rolls much more frequent in gameplay.
  2. 4:30 – Planet Board Upgrades. Icons are much better. Paths are easily marked. Icons are larger. Graphics on the pages are improved.
  3. 5:00 – There now are indicators across the top of the left side page showing where you are to place various cards during game play which can be unique for each planet:
  4. 5:10 – The top of the right side page has places indicated for threats.
  5. 5:25 – Near the top of the far right panel is a new section “Lost Discoveries”:
  6. 5:40 – Color Blind and General Readability Improvements. Reading the planet board and the cards is now much easier.
  7. 6:05 – Color Blind and the Dice. Symbols are improved and there are special markings on them now.
  8. 6:20 – Note that these are NOT the final dice (ie, no glitter effect as the dice upgrade will have nor translucent as with the base game)
  9. 6:45 – Planetary Global Conditions. Each planet is going to have it’s own global conditions card deck.
    The global conditions of the planet will actually change with time as you explore the planet based on your actions are as the narrative pans out. They affect everybody on the planet. They also may present opportunities that may (or may not) be dangerous during travels on the planet. Your plans may need to change based on the global conditions!
  10. 8:50 – New Planets, Story and Artwork. The logbook is now four times the size of the one that came with the first prototype.
  11. 9:10 – New Starting Experience. The game begins in a much better way now. The “tutorial” missions and ship book phases are extended to allow new players to learn the game in a smoother and easier way (and not be overwhelmed by everything all at once). The first planet will introduce basic movement and dice rolls. The first Ship Phase will introduce just SOME of the Ship Book rather than the whole thing. The second planet introduces supplies, leads and real injuries. The second Ship Phase introduces the remaining portions of the Ship Book. The third planet introduces threats and dangerous landings.
  12. 10:25 – Revised Ship Book. The dials (Ship Status Panel) have been removed from inside the front cover of the Ship Book and you can now move them to anywhere you like on your table. They track your Energy, Response, Science, Assembly and Manufacturing.
  13. 11:25 – The Ship Book originally (prototype 1) came with cards pre-slotted into various places in the Ship Book. Now the Ship Book slots are all empty, and the tutorial sessions have you learn what cards go where in the Ship Book as you slot in the cards yourself. Much better. Helps you understand the system quicker.
  14. 12:00 – The pages where cards are slotted that gradually move from one side to the other are now better designed and clearer as to what is going on in that page:
  15. 12:45 – Another example of how the Ship Book slotting pages were improved is in the Production Complex (they now actually make sense in the direction they are going and the percentages as well):
  16. 13:10 – Lead tokens in a bag (no longer lead “cards”). This reduces table clutter and reduces setup and take down time plus are integrated into the game play better:
  17. 13:50 – Now each lander has it’s own LARGE card (as with prototype 1) PLUS a smaller version that is slotted inside the Ship Book:
  18. 14:15 – Further Developed Threats. Threats now move in real time as action progresses on the planet.
  19. 14:50 – MANY smaller fixes, fine tuning, de-cluttering and quality of life improvements. System maps are now in it’s own book (this is a great idea). There is a new “lift off” action and “preparation” action. Supplies can change into a “lander track”. When rolling dice, there no longer will be a dice roll WITHIN another dice roll (this had been confusing). The new prototype also came with a bag of standees to use during game play.
  20. The CARDS were not shown in this overview so as not to spoil the game for us!

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