Prototype 2 Set Up – Rolling Solo (21mins)

Rolling Solo already did an UNBOXING INTRO video … now here is the SETUP video.

A full set of notes with photos and screenshots are under the video window. This helps as a refresher later after you watch the video – or for those who like text oriented materials rather than video, you can just read the text with photos and screenshots to get much of the same info as in the video!

Notes, highlights and summary:

  1. 1:50 – The New Starting Experience that avoids using all the rules in the first mission. Awaken Realms has broken up the “tutorial” into multiple mission to now drown you in rules right from the start.
  2. 2:05 – The game starts off with a planetary exploration that will introduce movement and dice rolling.
  3. 2:15 – The second set of rules are introduced in the Ship Phase that uses only several of the core ship book pages but not all of them.
  4. 2:20 – Then more rules are introduced during a second planet phase and a second ship phase and by the end of the third planet phase you will have gone through all the tutorials and rules.
  5. 2:50 – The ISS Vanguard Logbook
  6. 5:10 – Mission Time and overview as provided with the game
  7. 5:30 – Set Up – There are cards in the AWAITING clear plastic envelope that will be placed on the playing board. There are the four sections player boards as well as section compartment boxes (that contain dice, dividers and cards [including crew members]).
  8. 6:15 – We will use the Planetopedia book. Also need to get out the tokens.
  9. 6:30 – We now need to CHOOSE and SETUP each of the four sections. Each player chooses a section to lead. If you are playing Solo, you will be able to use any of the four sections yourself, but you can only control TWO characters when actually going on a mission. You will need to strategically decide WHICH two sections you want to bring to the planet on the mission.
  10. 7:00 – The shell section boxes will be used to hold all the contents that you need for each section including dice, crew members, dividers (Available Crewmembers, Section Deck, Section Cards, Rank Sleeves, Resting Crewmembers) as shown here:
  11. 7:30 – OK, we now have to fill each section box with the appropriate cards to get us started, such as getting the 9 rank sleeves placed behind the Rank Sleeve divider.

  1. 7:50 – Listen to Audio Log #1: Begin the Landing!
  2. 8:40 – Now we need to prepare our Away Team … here are the four crewmembers we start with:
  3. Security Section: Riku

    Riku Hashimura – Two Charge tokens – Hidden Reserves – Spend 1 Charge to Refresh all RED dice
  4. Science Section: Amir

    Amir Zaynab – Three charge tokens – Keen – Spend 1 charge to Draw 1 Section card
  5. Recon Section: Joppe

    Joppe Ulrich – Three Charge Tokens – Protector – Spend 1 Charge when a crewmember in your sector rolls a Danger die to have it’s affect apply to you
  6. Engineering Section: Cho

    Cho Jae-Yong – Four Charge Tokens – Energetic – Spend 1 Charge to refresh 1 more die while resting
  7. 9:15 – These four crewmembers are being preset into each of the four sections: Security, Science, Recon and Engineering (in that order)
  8. 9:20 – Next we place each of these four starting crewmembers into a Rank 1 Sleeve for their specific section. Note: the back of the cards now show the section they are in (part of the sleeve design)
  9. 9:35 – Now, since this is a SOLO game, we need to choose TWO of these crew members to slot into their respective player board to be ready for this mission. He decided to bring Science and Recon on the mission as they made the most sense at this point. Your choices will become more strategic as you progress through the missions. But for a very first mission to a new planet, science and recon made sense!
  10. 10:50 – Slot in the two crewmembers chosen for this mission into their respective player bards and place the other two crewmembers who were not selected for THIS mission into their respective section box.
  11. 10:55 – Choose the models / standees to represent the crewmembers for this mission. He is using the same choice as with his prototype 1 play through, but will use the standees this time.
  12. 11:20 – Now we get out the “AWAITING” clear plastic bag and pull out the cards to set them up for this mission.
  13. 11:40 – Among the smaller cards are the Rank Up cards – he will randomly pick two of them to place alongside the two crewmember cards that are going on this mission. You may look at the other side of the chosen Rank Up cards to see what you need to accomplish to rank up each of the two chosen crewmembers.
  14. 12:25 – Rank up card for Amir:
    “Check at the end of the planetary exploration: Tutorial: To gain a new Rank after this Tutorial mission, you should have at least 3 Success tokens at the end of the Mission. Reveal this card when you do, to show other players that you have fulfilled your Rank Up requirements. [Level 3 OR 3 Success tokens]
  15. 12:50 – The Rank Up card for Joppe is the same. But note that these Rank Up cards ARE going to CHANGE! Awaken Realms kept things simpler for this first tutorial, so they are the same!
  16. 13:00 – Instructions say to go to Log #5. We can read it in the Logbook or listen to it in the App.
  17. 14:40 – Step #4 – Preparing Your Dice and placing them in the crew player board trays as instructed in the Logbook. [NOTE: these are NOT the final dice, but prototype dice – see: DICE]
  18. 14:50 – Amir in Science Section gets these dice:
  19. 14:55 – Joppe in Recon Section gets these dice:
  20. 15:00 – Dice are also added for the other two sections even though they are not going on the first mission (placed in the section storage boxes for future use).
  21. 15:10 – Notice that there are “brackets” on the four corners of some of the dice – this indicates that the symbol is the most common for that particular die (ie, it has the highest odds of turning up in a die roll). However, it is also VERY helpful in setup so that you choose the right dice!
  22. 15:30 – place the dice in the crew trays … this is the Science section tray (with Amir):
  23. 15:30 – this is the Recon Section with Joppe:
  24. 15:35 – Make sure dice are slotted into the correct columns (based on color – red, green or blue). HIINT: make sure the bracket side of each die is facing up – it will make your life easier during game play when you need to select the die that will be most helpful in any particular situation (ie different dice requirements based on the situation).
  25. 16:00 – now we look at the standard size card deck that was in the AWAITING clear envelope. Grab the three cards for each of the two sections that are on this mission (the rest of the cards are removed from the game)
  26. 16:20 – both the standard size cards and the smaller cards that are left are placed on the playing are as they will be used during game play.
  27. Here is how our playing area looks at this point:
  28. Step #5 Prepare the Board. We open the Planetopedia book to pages 2&3 – “Eye of the Void A”. In the top right corner is the Unique Discovery slot:
    We take Unique Discovery #1 card and place it face down there.
  29. 16:50 – next place the top standard size Mission card in the slot below the Unique Discovery slot face down. The two face down cards look like this:
  30. 17:00 –  The bottom right corner is where planet-wide events and global condition cards will go:
  31. 17:15 – Now, looking at the Planetopedia pages you can see how some of the location on the planet already have pre-filled information while other areas are blank and waiting for you to explore what is there:
  32. 17:25 – take the top 12 Points of Interest (POI) cards and place them next to the game board.
  33. 17:30 – finally take the next four small cards and place them next to the game board – these cards are on the left side like this:
  34. 17:40 – choose one crewmember (he chose Recon) and place it in sector 1 of the planet board:
  35. 17:50 – the second crewmember (scientist) is placed in Sector 2 (just above Sector 1):
  36. 18:00 – if playing with 3 or 4 players, their respective crewmembers would land in Sector 1.
  37. 18:05 – Step #6 Resolve the Mission Card – flip over the Mission Card that is near the top right of the Planet board:
  38. 18:10 – MISSION: REGROUP (M01) – Objective: Regroup in Sector 4 – all crewmembers need to be present in this sector at the same time.
  39. 18:45 – Draw two cards (from the three that are face down next to each section on the mission) to see what you get! Here are the two cards from Science section:
    Improvised Treatment [during roll: Reroll 1 die] You or another crewmember in your Sector discards 1 Injury
  40. 18:55 – and the other card:
    Calculated Risk [During Event step: Discard this Event card without resolving its text.] Refresh 1 die.
  41. 19:00 – Recon section got these two cards:
    Acrobatics [During Roll: Turn 1 red die to a chosen side.] Refresh 1 die.
  42. And the second card:
    Born Lucky [Turn one Danger Die to any side.] Refresh 1 die.
  43. 19:05 – The top of each card contains the main effect of the card and the bottom shows a dice combination. Any time you roll your section dice and they match you can claim the bonus.
  44. 19:15 – Step #8 Setup Your Turn Tokens. Make sure there is one Turn Available token next to each crewmember. This is not really needed when playing solo, but is used with multiplayer games.
  45. 19:55 – Reference Cards (more info on the back of each card):
  46. 20:05 – The reference cards are a very handy rules summary while you play the game!
  47. 20:20 – This is the end of the Setup. Some viewers only wanted to see the setup but didn’t want to spoil their Christmas like surprise with the game when they receive it. He WILL post another video for those who want to watch the game being played soon!

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