Danger Dice & Help Card

Here are some views of the Danger Die:

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The Danger Die (8 sided) can be used for a variety of categories of dangers and the results are specific to each of the types of dangers!

These are the possible rolls for the D8 Danger Die:

  • one side is blank
  • one side is a circle
  • one side is a pentagon
  • two sides are a square
  • three sides are a triangle

Note that category 10 is “tutorial” (the type of danger is that you are playing the tutorial to learn how this works). When a card instructs you to roll the Danger Die it will have a yellow 8 sided icon with a black number in the middle – that number lets you know what category of danger to refer to on the Danger Die Help Card. Thus, if you see this:

It does NOT mean to roll a 10 sided die. It means to roll the Danger Die and refer to category 10 on the Danger Die Help Card.

Here is the Danger Die Help Card (double sided):

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