Tutorial#3 Playthrough with Quackalope AND BoardGameCo (1hr 15min)

Join with me watching another Prototype 2 video … this one starts off at tutorial #3 (First two tutorials were covered by Quackalope/BoardGameCo: tutorial #1 and tutorial #2 and Rolling Solo: tutorial#1 and tutorial#2)! I am added time stamped notes and highlights under the video window as usual:

Notes and Highlights:

  1. 0:00 – Really nice intro
  2. 2:30 – The first two tutorial missions guide us through a planetary exploration mission and then a Ship Phase. [note: we have seen these two tutorials via Rolling Solo gameplay and Ship Phase]
  3. 2:45 – The goal of the game is NOT to read a rulebook … rather they guide you into the game with a series of gameplay tutorials.
  4. 3:25 – They are now ready to land on the next planet!
    They added the Heavy Armor Plating card to the Lander they are using. They also explain how tracking the supplies is different in Prototype 2 … now supplies have a marker track on the side of the lander you use.
    Then you place the supply cards right on the lander card:
    They have supplies and medkits. The Heavy Armor Plating reduces the amount of supplies they can take with them (reduces them by 2). Finally note across the top of the lander card are the three categories to determine what abilities this lander has:
  5. 6:20 – now for the landing, they roll the danger die twice to see how the landing goes … Jesse had two terrible die rolls! [for reference see=> Danger Die and Help CardThey lost some of their supplies on their bumpy landing.

  1. 7:20 – Log #317 instructs them on over a dozen things to do to get ready for the planet exploration (Alex has already done them). They now are ready to explore Pellucid:
  2. 8:10 – New Mission Card: fully explore the top right sector. There are two possible unique discoveries that can be found. Both crewmembers start in the same sector (remember that the previous first mission the two crewmembers ended up in two different sectors due to the rough landing)
  3. 8:55 – They divvy up the supplies between them:
  4. 10:20 – Travel is restricted at their landing site (per the icon in the top right of the POI). They check what dice symbols will be needed to get through the success track: muscles, pickax and compass
    You can see two possible travel routes (once the travel restriction is removed). The one that goes up references the travel rules (bottom right of the planet board). The route that goes down requires the roll of the Danger Die during the movement.  Neither is available yet … they have to roll five success die icons first (four marker spots plus the final success)
  5. 10:30 – They are clarifying that they need FIVE success die rolls to accomplish a total success for the POI where they landed. FOUR for the four tracking spots and a final FIFTH success die roll to actually get the final total success (like crossing over the finish line).
  6. 11:05 – They point out that if Alex goes first, Jesse can roll one of his dice to help… but that they have not “learned” that from the tutorial yet… so Alex will roll four dice on his own!
  7. 11:50 – Alex doesn’t like the roll … so he plays one of his section cards that allows him to reroll all his dice:
    Alex claimed FIVE successes with those four dice [unclear how each die can only be used once for the success track and four dice got five successes … unless there is another rule that allows one die to be counted twice when counting successes? I think that the first die he refers to has TWO Vanguard symbols on it so it can be counted as two successes.]
  8. 12:30 – They got total success (five successes on the track to the complete success). They now read Log 210. The “fill” the black bag with about 20 lead tokens (leads no longer are cards). Next the place 5 separate decks of Discovery cards above the left side Planetopedia page:
    Live Specimen Discovery
    Alien Tech Discovery
    Strange Flora Discovery
    Microorganism Discovery
    Mineral Discovery
  9. 14:30 – They get to draw one Alien Tech lead … to do this they draw one lead token from the black bag and place it on top of the Alien Tech Discovery deck. When the total number of leads on a Discovery deck reach 3 then all lead tokens are removed from that deck and they get to draw the top card in that deck and place it on their lander card (their lander can carry up to 6 discoveries).
  10. 15:35 – Note the roll combo specified in the global conditions “card” (bottom right corner of Planetopedia). A dice roll of that combo grants you a new “lead” (a “mineral lead”). The Vanguard logo icon on a die also counts towards that dice combo.
    (for the current global conditions, rolling two pick axes grants a mineral lead)
  11. 16:00 – Place POI card 110.
  12. 16:35 – Alex’s turn. He has two dice left in his available dice pool.
    (four were already used and have not yet been refreshed)
  13. 16:40 – His previous roll met the combo requirement, but since the tutorial didn’t tell them about this until now, he is not taking that mineral lead. For his second action he is going to REST and refresh half his total dice and gain a section card … but this “costs” one of their supplies.
  14. 17:50 – Jesse’s turn. He choses to move – and this move requires him to roll the Danger Die for category 1 (see the number 1 inside the yellow danger die icon):
    Use the Danger Die Help Card to see what category 1 is and the consequences for various rolls:
    From this we can see that rolling a triangle will cause him to lose one die and rolling a square will cause him to gain one wound injury. He rolled a triangle so he lost one die.
  15. 19:10 – Jesse now is rolling all his dice as there are several outcomes he is aiming for.
    He rolled t wo “wild” Vanguard logos, two exclamation points and an inward pointing arrow. He uses one of his cards to gain something plus get all his dice back. His roll also qualifies for the combo to get a “mineral lead” token. He also gained a “charge” which they placed on the lander card. [this seems to be different from the “charges” that a crewmember may have to use their special ability] He gained a Discovery and then also gained a Research Project. They also get a new POI card at his location which gives them the chance to gain more supplies by discarding one “success”.
  16. 21:30 – Jesse’s turn is over. Alex is thinking they will need those extra supplies and that they should split up. Alex starts his turn by moving up one location – this movement refers him to the travel requirement:
    He can roll the danger die hoping for a “nothing” or just give up a die. There is a 1 in 4 chance of getting a wound from the danger die roll but that was his choice. He rolled a “nothing” (they did not show us his roll)
  17. 24:50 – Alex is rolling dice trying to gain two alien tech leads. Bad roll. He got an injury wound in the process of not gaining anything.
  18. 25:35 – Jesse’s turn. It looks like Jesse used a medkit to clear his wounds. At this point Jesse is drawing leads which grant him “charge” tokens (for his crewmember – each charge allows his crewmember to use his special ability) as well as more cards. (we did not get to “see” most of what is transpiring here). Jesse did the “action” for the current POI card and gained them three supplies. They then had to replace that POI card with the “nothing here” POI card.
  19. 28:20 – Jesse chooses to move across to the location on the right as his 2nd action.
    He has to “spend” two dice to accomplish this move.
  20. 28:50 – They read log 16 and place a new POI card.
  21. 30:20 – Alex’s turn. He did a few things that were not clear. Then he rolled three dice. Terrible roll. He then did a couple more things that were not shown to us.
  22. 31:15 – Jesse’s turn. He does a REST for action 1. Then he rolls three dice to try to accomplish what is listed on the new POI card. He did not gain the alien tech leads but did succeed in getting the success token. They also place a new POI card (which gives them an ability if they have a unique discovery 3).
  23. 33:25 – Alex’s turn. Bad roll (again). Then he does a REST action to refresh his dice.
  24. 34:00 – Jesse’s turn. He used another of their supplies to get three dice back (refreshed) [plus another Section Card?] He rolls three dice:
    Bad roll, but hard to read the Sector 4 POI card to see what each die icon means for the positive and negative tracks.
  25. 36:35 – Alex’s turn. He is rolling for the fourth time for this. Rolled three dice:
    Another terrible roll. So he discards one “charge” marker from his crewmember’s card to get the three dice back again (to use on his next turn). He then draws another Section card but then has FOUR cards so he has to discard one (only can have three in his hand)
  26. 38:25 – Jesse’s turn. He has no dice left. And only one supply left. Looking bad! He is going to remove a die (“exert”) to refresh all the rest of the dice back to his available dice pool. Then he rolls three dice:
    The green die is good. The red die gets removed from the roll and doesn’t count against them.
  27. 39:55 – Alex’s turn. His fifth try! Rolling three dice – nope – changed his mind – he is done trying for that. Instead he rolls two dice and a danger die
    Danger die is a triangle which means discard a die. But he did succeed so they get a success token and get unique discovery 3 (they gain plus 1 morale). Next they replace the POI card. Now he rolls one die with only 1 chance of failing. Success. Their supply track increases by 3. They now replace the POI card.
  28. 42:50 – Jesse’s turn. He used a supply to get three dice back plus he drew a Section card. He rolled two dice:
    One Success! (still more needed). He is going to roll one more die:
    Another Success (Vanguard logo is wild). One more success needed for that track! Then it looked like he used a crewmember ability.
  29. 44:20 – Alex’s turn. He is going to move to the next sector (from Sector 3 to Sector 5):
    This has the travel icon … so he chose to discard one die (rather than roll the danger die). He reads log 15. They have to place a random POI card (from the 3 possible for this sector). The for his second action he uses one of the supplies to draw a card (and the discard one because he is at his card limit). He also refreshes 3 dice,
  30. 47:20 – Jesse’s turn. He rolls one die.
    Success. Triggers log 250. They gain one of “these” and two alien tech leads. For his second action he spends one charge to draw two more (leads). Then he also gets to draw one card. Then for his second action he moves up one sector. For that movement he rolls the danger die and gets a “nothing” result (good)
  31. 50:40 – Alex’s turn. He rolls one die using “this card”. It seems that his die roll was successful. “This card” was then placed on the sector near the top right of the Planetopedia page. The card says they gain two mineral leads and to move the time token. They decide to finally include their event deck to the game. They put an event token on the time track of the global conditions area (bottom right corner).
  32. 52:15 – Alex’s second action is rolling three dice. He moves the time track token on the card just added to the sector where he is at. He ends his turn by drawing an event card (“nothing happens”)
  33. 52:45 – Jesse’s turn. He rolled one die to “jetpack” … He got a Vanguard “wild” so he moves “up there”. Then I think he rested to refresh 3 dice and draw a section card.
  34. 53:40 – Alex’s turn. He uses a supply. He draws a card. They advance a time marker. Then he rolls three dice. Bad roll. He plays one of his cards to reroll one of the dice. He got two “success” results on the three dice so he moves the time marker over two spots on their location POI card. He draws a card. Two symbols on the card match so he takes one die back. He ends his turn by drawing an event card (he loses one die).
  35. 55:55 – Jesse’s turn. Jesse rolls one die (trying get anything other than a FAIL symbol). Success. The time marker is all the way to the end so they go to log 22. They gain an alien tech discovery. They replace the POI card (hoping it is the one with the flag … but it wasn’t). Jesse rolls one die for his second action. Success. They gain a crystal token. Go to log 32. They replace the POI card. (still not with a flag). Draw event card to end turn. Bad result. Got oxygen overdose injury.
  36. 1:00:35 – Alex’s turn. Refreshed all dice. Rolling 3. Totally bad roll. Ends his turn. Draws event card. Advance all timer tokens.
  37. 1:02:30 – Jesse’s turn. He loses one die to get all the rest back [exert]. He rolls… bad roll. Rerolls one. Bad. Rolls injury die. Bad – has to draw a hazards card [but they can’t find the hazard card deck]. He does not want his second action. Draws event card to end his turn. Advance all timer tokens which leads to a future consequence when they have three hazards.
  38. 1:05:00 – Alex’s turn. He discards one die to get all the rest back [exert]. Rolls 3 dice. Gets double Vanguard which gives him 3 mineral leads. One also gave them a discovery. Go to log 9 which gives them a new objective as they place new POI card 116 Doomsday Sphere in sector 6 and replace the mission card and place POI card 000 to  end their current sector.
  39. 1:07:30 – Alex’s second action. He has no dice available. He EXERTS (lose one die permanantly) to get all the rest back to his available pool … and he gives us a GAME RULE: You cannot EXERT if you have 3 or less dice. He then gives up 2 dice to do a move to the adjacent sector. [these 2 dice are only in his spent dice pool, not permanently out of the game]. To end his turn he draws an event card. Move timer track tokens. Gain 2 mineral leads.
  40. 1:08:35 – Jesse’s turn. He is going to JetPack there [where Alex just went]. Jesse rolls his one die TWICE. Jesse ditches one die to refresh all the rest of the dice [exert]. He ends his turn by drawing an event card. Time tracker tokens all advance.
  41. 1:10:25 – Alex’s turn. He rolls 2 dice. Great dice roll. He advances the success track marker. Ends his turn by drawing an event card. No symbols match. Advance all time tracker tokens.
  42. 1:11:20 – Jesse’s turn. He draws a card. He rolls his dice. He rerolls one die. He then uses one of his cards to change one die to any side he wants… he makes it a double Vanguard. That does it – full success. Log 240. Mission Success and Finished. They gain some things. They Did It (with only a little bit of cheating). Jesse’s crewmember did NOT rank up. Alex’s crewmember DID rank up.

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