June 28 Q&A with Marcin

You can click below to watch the Q&A and check out the highlights and summary below the video wiindow:

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights with time stamps will be added here soon:

  1. 2:30 – Video reviews are out now from Quackalope, BoardGameCo and Rolling Solo
  2. 6:15 – Q: Since the game has been delayed, will the Pledge Manager remain open longer? A: Pledge Manager WILL be extended for several months (there is no rush to be closing it). They will inform us about a month ahead of closing it.
  3. 6:40 – Q: Have you decided on the sundrop color(s)? A: Sundrop colors are being tested but no decision is made yet. They will let us know when they decide on the colors.
  4. 11:00 – Q: Digital version of ISS Vanguard? A: It’s possible since they have the artwork and voice overs.
  5. 11:30 – Q: Have you considered a dual color sundrop? A: They have tested this but they were not looking very good. Doing just one miniature, it might be OK. But doing a million miniatures there will be a variety of problems.
  6. 15:40 – Q: Will the Pledge Manager be reopened between Wave 1 & 2 shipping? A: Yes, the Pledge Manager will be reopened between Wave 1 and Wave 2 shipping.
  7. No Q&A next week (Marcin is on vacation)

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