Ex Fortitudine Veritas

Fortunately we actually have some Latin Scholars in our ISS Vanguard community who came to our aid to help us with the Subtitle of the ISS Vanguard game! Yes … even in the future it seems Latin will have it’s place!


Granted, these are all prototypes and mock-ups, but this Latin phrase has been part of the game since even before the December 2020 Kickstarter campaign! However … if Ex Fortitudine Veritas is going to be our “motto” … we better know what it means and how it will affect our jumping into the game when it arrives!

OK … here is some of the discussion on Ex Fortitudine Veritas:

  1. In Latin, EX means “from”
  2. Veritas is “truth”
  3. Fortitudine likely is “strength”
  4. From Strength… Truth
  5. Truth from Strength
  6. From Strength comes Truth

From Strength
Come Truth

Continuing our translation discussion:

  1. Fortitudine could also be “courage” or “valor”
  2. From Courage comes Truth
  3. Fortitudine could also be “might” rather than “strength”
  4. See examples of various Latin phrases and their meaning=> List of Latin Phrases
  5. Finally, Fortitudine can be translated as Spiritual Endurance!
  6. From Spiritual Endurance Comes Truth

From Spiritual Endurance
Comes Truth

[Special translation thanks to Francesco, Daniele, Kris, Marc, Martin, Fabio and Joost]

Here it is from the promo book included with Etherfields (November 2020 Unboxing):


and the metal “dog tag” on a chain that came with the promo book:

and from the December 2020 Prototype box:

Next, look at two of the posters:


and from the promotional ad copy:

Here it is on the promotional book included with Etherfields (from November 2020 unboxing):


Here it is on the prototype 1 box cover from December 2020:

The Latin phrase was on the advertising art as well, in a slightly different format:

Next, the Prototype 2 box cover from June 2021 (seems the same as the box from December 2020):

The Latin phrase is also included on two of the three add-on posters:


All Latin Scholars are invited to send in their thoughts on how this Latin Phrase applies to the ISS Vanguard game using the CONTACT ME form!

NOTE: This Latin phrase was not coined for the ISS Vanguard game … here it is on a webpage  from over a decade ago in March 2009:

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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