Upgrade Dice Photos (not final yet)

In the Official Update #24, Awaken Realms provided photos of the Upgrade Dice. However, please note that they referred to them as a “work in progress” (ie, they still could change). Here are the two photos they provided in the update:


They have not yet provided photos of the default standard dice, but they have told us they would be transparent. For comparison (lacking photos from Awaken Realms thus far) here is what a red transparent dice may look like (with appropriate Vanguard symbols on it of course):

Note that the standard default dice will be a single transparent color while the upgrade dice are a mix of two colors. On Sep 13 in his Q&A Marcin states that the upgrade dice will be a “mixture of two colors” and not two shades of the same color (which the photo seems to confirm to me). See time stamp 11:30 here=> Sept 13 Q&A – and here is one die taken from a photo posted by Awaken Realms that to my eye is mixing two different colors:

Can you tell at a glance if this die is blue or green? If you have a hard time distinguishing colors, you may not want to get the upgrade dice. There have been many posted comments from those who really like the look of these upgrade dice. But at the same time, there are many who dislike them (like me) because the colors are too hard to distinguish. If Awaken Realms provides more photos, you can watch for them on this website :)

Note: Here is a link to the discussion of the dice coloring in the ISS Vanguard Facebook group (with 42 comments!!) => Thoughts about the dice coloring?

  • Colors too dark (not upgrading)
    • Agreed – likely not upgrading
  • Really dark – difficult to distinguish
    • Yes – without good lighting would be a pain
  • Too dark – too easy to confuse
  • Too dark – hard to distinguish
    • Similar problem
  • Can’t determine the color of the 1st and 3rd dice (red, green)
    • Yes (likely red, green) – hard to distinguish
  • Can’t tell the colors apart
  • Likely a problem with the photo, not the dice
  • Blue and green are difficult to tell apart
    • Yes, really difficult to tell the difference
  • Colorblind and can distinguish the difference with no problem
  • Too dark – may not upgrade
  • Too similar in color – very hard to tell apart
  • Can’t see what color is what
  • Colorblind – not clear what color 3 of the dice are
  • Marcin chimed in: Hey guys! This is mostly lighting on the picture – also, those are still very much prototypes and we will be making sure that colors are super easy to distinguish in the final version!
    • Yes, brighter and more contrasting
  • Colorblind – they all look the same
  • Colorblind – spots of red here and there, rest looks black
  • Colorblind – one is green, the rest are the same
  • Drab and awful
  • Can’t tell what color 5 of the dice are
  • Can’t tell what half of the colors are
    • Agreed – not upgrading


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