Recon Section (rose)

Those in the Recon Section must be wearing their rose color glasses! Their color is Rose. Their symbol / logo in rose is:

or on a white background:

or this same logo in black as seen on the left panel of the player board:

The player board also reveals the Recon Section Motto:

Beyond New Horizons

This color (rose) and symbol / logo are carried through onto other components in the game!

The section cards:

That shows which Section deck each card goes into … then when you draw a card, the color (rose) and logo / symbol are also on the front of the card in the top left corner:

The color and logo is also included on the rank sleeve for Recon:

And this continues even on the various supplies that you can choose to take with you on a mission!  Some supplies are only available to Recon:

The final interesting aspect for the Recon Section is seen on the player card:

Notice the slots on the right are for the dice you choose to bring with you. Recon is able to bring up to 6 green dice but only 4 blue or 5 red. Green is their dice color … so you might wish to choose crewmembers that can convert a green die inward arrows (blank) into a specialty symbol (can be a symbol on any dice color, not restricted to only green).

Note: remember this is from the prototype and may not be in the FINAL game!

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