Aug 23 Q&A with Marcin

Highlights from this Q&A: Development, Personal Files, Shipping, Update, Sundrop, Dice, Pledge Manager, Art, Prototypes, Ship Book

Monday Marcin Q&A is over and is recorded. I watch it again I will add a summary of highlights and info about ISS Vanguard below the video.

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights with time stamps:

  1. 1:25 – A lot of work has gone into ISS Vanguard lately.
  2. 4:30 – ISS Vanguard development is still on-going and going well. They are still making tweaks to the game here and there. More of the planets are being finished. They are “closing” the planets one by one as they are developed and tested rather than waiting until the very end to “close” development on all the planets at once.

  1. 5:00 – Marcin is super excited about ISS Vanguard.
  2. 8:40 – Q: will the character expansion [ie, Personal Files] be in the 1st wave? A: Yes, it is for sure in Wave 1
  3. 9:35 – Shipping! Marcin (again) mentions the world wide shipping problems [from China] (across the board for all types of goods)
  4. 10:10 – Q: can we expect an official update this week? A: I think Marcin said “yes” :) AND that it would be a pretty long update written by Kristoph (spelling?) … I think this is referring the genius mentioned in Update #23 … which refers to him as “Krzysztof Piskorski – the author of the game”
  5. 11:35 – Q: Any updates on the color choice for Vanguard sundrop? Any pictures of the actual base set dice? A: No, they are still working on this!
  6. 11:55 – Q: Any word on when the Pledge Manager will close? A: No, not yet… but they will notify us about a month in advance when it is decided.
  7. 14:20 – Q: is the front and back Ship Book cover art design final? Would be nice if it was different than the game box. A: No … nothing is very “final” right now.
  8. 14:35 – Remember that anything you have been seeing have been with a prototype. Some elements are closer to being finished than others. However, Awaken Realms IS taking the feedback they receive seriously, so thank you for that suggestion.
  9. 17:20 – Q: I wonder how a futuristic “ship book” should look like! A: Yeah … the Ship Book is one of the most unique components of board games! They definitely want to make sure that it will look pretty awesome.

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