House Rules

House Rules are FUN. They let you customize a game to fit better into how you, your family and your friends play games. You may be playing with house rules and not even know it! I’m thinking of Monopoly. It seems that almost everyone plays with at least ONE House Rule when playing Monopoly. When you “buy back” a mortgaged property, we just pay the price of the mortgage (we don’t want to waste time calculating a 10% interest penalty on top of that price).  When we land on the Income Tax space we always pay $200 and never get into calculating your “worth” and paying 10% of that. When we land on GO we get DOUBLE our payday! When we land on the Free Parking corner square we get all the money from the center of the board (yes, all the money paid due to Community Chest and Chance go into the center of the board). If you are out of money, you can borrow from another player (or just borrow on the side) to keep the game going. And FINALLY after EIGHTY YEARS, the game of Monopoly now has OFFICIAL House Rules!

=> After 80 Years Monopoly is Finally Adding House Rules (Washington Post)

And so … I think it fitting, proper and right that the Epic Game ISS Vanguard have House Rules! At the beginning, these house rules will likely just be those played IN YOUR HOUSE. That said, here are the House Rules for OUR HOUSE!

  1. There is no official “player turn order”. This is a mission and everyone is out doing things SIMULTANEOUSLY, so players can take their turn (or action) in any order they wish (everyone needs to agree on it though).
    1. Since each crewmember gets TWO ACTIONS for their turn, track this using the “turn available” token

      1. At the start of a round, all players place their “Turn Available” token next to their crew tray
      2. After taking ONE of their two actions they place the “Turn Available” token on top of the crewmember card
      3. After taking BOTH of their two actions they place the “Turn Passed” token on top of their crewmember card
    2. All players must have completed their turns before moving on to the next “round”
  2. If a crewmember becomes “dying” (they have received their third injury card) they immediately begin following the Medbay rules for critically injured crewmembers:
    1. Every turn during the mission they must roll three Injury dice. If it is THEIR turn, they follow the normal rules of rolling injury dice along with section dice, but they ALSO must do this three injury critical condition dice roll. If they roll two of the single drop symbols, they die:
    2. If any crewmember who currently has three injuries gains another injury, they die.
    3. Dead crewmembers are out of the game for this mission, but can continue “advising” the rest of the crew
    4. If the last crewmember dies, that ends the mission (duh).
  3. Rank Up can happen DURING the planetary exploration mission. If at any time during the mission both the rank up criteria has been met and the number of success tokens has been acquired, that crewmember immediately ranks up.
    1. Remove their current rank up sleeve and replace it with the next level rank sleeve.
    2. Optional House Rule: crew can rank up twice during one mission if they meet the criteria and minimum success tokens each time.
  4. The ALERTNESS skill is an ANYTIME skill and can be used during the landing procedure, because … well, because it is anytime!

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