Game 9 completed … completely surprised too!

Hi gang … my daughter and I finished game 9 an hour ago …


I can’t tell you anything because you DO WANT TO SEE IT YOURSELF. Awaken Realms is doing fantastic with these planet boards and how they play out with the logbook, mission cards and such.

Remember (if you read my prior posts) how my daughter really likes planetary exploration and I really like the ship phase. Well … all of a sudden she lets out a LOUD yell (something like YIPPEE) when Awaken Realms unleashed the surprise on us!  And I enjoyed what happened too (yes, even those who prefer Ship Phase likely will find these planetary explorations enjoyable).

Just posting this so everyone knows that this is not shaping up to be a boring game … each mission is not just a rehash of prior missions with a different map. They are DIFFERENT. Bravo Awaken Realms.

Sorry … no photos either!! Well … maybe you can have a photo of the Lander we used :)

We were using the one on the top (there were four lander standees in the prototype 2 game). I think that is the Space Ranger. It is the one you start with at the start of the game and there is a special “rule” in the game that it can NEVER be “lost” (yes, other landers can get destroyed or lost during a mission… but they made an exception for Space Ranger, likely because if you lost the only lander you have (assuming you didn’t build another one yet) you would have no lander to go on the next mission).

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