Game 10 was Another SHOCKER! (so no photos)

Hi Gang … or should I say, Hi Team!

Awaken Realms did it again … ISS Vanguard is **NOT** a boring game and it is **NOT** repetitious!  We finished game 10 and there was this jaw dropping moment when what happened … happened! My daughter said, “but we did everything right!”

So … yes, be prepared for surprises … but realize that not all surprises are like Christmas presents :)

No spoilers … so no photos. Well … maybe one photo:

This is our new Jasper Game Table with the recessed game play area. So I get to show you the full ISS Vanguard game without spoiling anything (because it is UNDER the topper :)

PS: if you are looking for a great recessed play area game table, the Jasper is super! And one of the elite ISS Vanguard Team who answer peoples questions on Gamefound (who is not part of Awaken Realms and doesn’t have the game yet) is Tony … and he has a Jasper gaming table too – he got his before I did and recommended it to me! Maybe I will write an article about it :)

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