Paul Grogan talks about ISS Vanguard campaign and story

As I listened to Paul Grogan at this point in his video I was saying (to myself)… YES … YES … YES!

I seem to have had a similar experience with ISS Vanguard.  He mentions how the campaign and the story line are FANTASTIC. I wholeheartedly agree. I now have played the entire campaign that was available in prototype 2 and will be trying to revisit planets as part of playing that campaign. But then I want to start again from the very beginning and play it again KNOWING that the experience will be different … equally fantastic (or more so), but not the same, even if I play the game with my same conservative not too risky style of play. But maybe I will try the campaign with a bit more aggressive and risky play style and see how that goes :)

Boy … I really am looking forward to the final ISS Vanguard arriving at my door!

I queued up the video to the spot where he first talks briefly about playing Tainted Grail … then moves on to talk about playing (prototype) and looking forward to playing ISS Vanguard (the final game) … it is less than a minute, but here you go:

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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