Game 11 we revisited a planet !!!

YES … even in the prototype you can fly back to a previously explored system and revisit a planet! We did it! It was pretty easy to do too. Just take out your Planet Save card and put all the Point of Interest cards back where they were when you left (your Planet Save card tells you what card goes at each Sector)… look at the lander card for the planet IF you scanned it the last time! We DID a full 3 scans on our first visit, so we get to look at all three sections of the planet lander card now when we revisited it without needing to spend any energy! We place the Unique Discovery (that we didn’t get the first time … which is why we were coming back now) and place the mission card as well as the Global Conditions card.

Next we just put a couple mods on our lander and took all four sections on the mission. We had lots more dice this time and we accomplished what we needed pretty easily, even beating back a “threat” that was waiting for us at the landing site! Did I mention that having more dice makes the mission and dealing with threats much easier? (maybe too easy?)

So … we got our Unique Discovery plus six other discoveries (had to leave two behind) and did a Lift Off with a Successful Mission!

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  1. Thanks Len for all the updates. You have provided a fascinating insight into the game. Looking forward to its release!

    A question about revisiting a planet. I would assume that you also need to fly back to the system of the chosen planet to revisit. Expending energy and such?

    What are your thoughts on overall difficulty? I love the recent XCom video games, which have a similar format to ISS Vanguard. I often found the first third of the game the hardest, but as you learn the game, research and upgrade new abilities, there is a turning point. But I feel too much, by the end feel over powered.

    I understand how difficult it would be to balance ISS Vanguard campaign, but I would really hope the game pushes the challenge as we progress. The final mission should be the most challenging a test of everything learnt before. What are your thoughts?


    1. Thanks for your kind words :)
      To revisit a planet, YES, you have to actually get there and that means you need to fly to that system… and note that it may not be a “direct” flight! You may need to fly to some other system first and then to the one you want simply because each system only has a few “connected” systems and if the one you want is not connected, you need to figure out a route to fly in order to get there (each flight costs energy).
      I (we at times) played relatively risk adverse (avoiding risks when possible). Thus we didn’t get injured too much and had only one crew die out of all our missions! I think by doing this we also missed out on finding discoveries (including a couple unique discoveries).
      YES … as you go through the campaign your “resources” improve … you have more dice for one!!! You also will have more equipment choices and more armor etc for your landers (and you may have built entirely new landers).
      Crew with higher rank also get better Section Cards (and more dice once you get a ways into the campaign) so you want to rank up your crew for that reason (but also crew of higher ranks may get better results in Ship Phase as well).
      The campaign DID surprise us with unique happenings that we did NOT expect :) A couple times I said “They Rigged It Against Us” (and likely they really did … to add to the challenge).


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