ISS Vanguard Components (not official)

Here is a start to a list of the game components based on what is referenced in the Dec 5 2021 Ship Book!

Note: you can compare this to the component list for Prototype 2 here=> Prototype 2 Component List

Ship Book (binder):

  1. 40 pages [Prototype 2 was 54 pages]
  2. Some of the pages are card storage pages with slots for cards

Planetopedia (book that contains the game boards)

System Maps (book formerly called Galactopedia)

Rulebook (at least 3 chapters as referenced in the Ship Book)

Logbook (likely far more pages than the 53 in the Prototype 2 Demo logbook)

[Prototype 2 also had a Quick Start Guide book]

[There likely will be even more books… for the Lost Fleet campaign as well as the individual scenarios, not to mention the Personal Files expansion book and all the books that will come with the Deadly Frontier expansion]


  1. Penalty token [not in Prototype 2]
  2. Energy tokens [Prototype 2 used a Ship Dial]
  3. Command tokens [not in Prototype 2]
  4. Success tokens
  5. Lead tokens (20) [I put mine inside hard plastic capsules]
  6. Turn token
  7. First Player token
  8. Time tokens
  9. Mission Failed token

Cards that determine your “level”

  1. Morale card (a Bridge card) [not in Prototype 2 which used a Ship Dial]
  2. Tech Level card (a Bridge card) [not in Prototype 2, likely replacing some of the Ship Dials]

Other cards:

  1. Threat cards
  2. Section cards
  3. POI cards (Point Of Interest)
  4. Equipment cards (Personal and Mission)
  5. Global Condition cards
  6. Mission cards
  7. Rank Up cards
  8. Discovery cards
  9. Unique Discovery cards (32)
  10. Crewmember cards
  11. Event cards
  12. Injury cards
  13. Objective card (a Bridge card)
  14. Secondary Objective card (a Bridge card)
  15. Current System card (referred to on page 2 as a Bridge card)
  16. Situation cards
  17. Landing cards (planet info)
  18. Research Project cards
  19. Production Project cards
  20. Production Upgrade cards
  21. Lander Mod cards
  22. Medbay Upgrade cards
  23. Recorded Planet cards (players fill these in as they play)
  24. [Prototype 2 had Ship Upgrade cards]
  25. [Prototype 2 had a Tutorial Deck to help get you going]
  26. [Prototype 2 had Blueprint cards]
  27. [Prototype 2 had Player Aid/Help cards]
  28. [Prototype 2 had Ship Dials]


  1. Section dice (red, blue, green) [60 dice in Prototype 2]
  2. Injury dice (yellow) [12 injury dice in Prototype 2]
  3. [did not see any reference to Danger Dice nor the D10 die that were in Prototype 2]


  1. Lander standee [mini’s available in an add-on]
  2. Threat standees [mini’s available in an add-on]
  3. [Prototype 2 had 8 Crewmember standees]

Miniature models:

  1. Crewmembers (8 minis)

Card Trays:

  1. Card Tray A
  2. Card Tray B

Crew Board:

  1. One for each section

Lander Board:

  1. One for each lander type


  1. Rank Sleeves [Prototype 2  had 9 rank sleeves for each of the four sections. 4 for rank 1 and 3 for rank 2 and 2 for rank 3]
  2. [sleeves for the other cards are available as an add-on]

Awaiting Envelope (clear plastic)

Leads Bag


  1. Crewmember charge cubes
  2. Markers on the planet board
  3. Markers on the Lander board

Planetary Scanner (insert planet card into this to do a scan)

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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