Polygon just ranked ISS Vanguard near the top

Polygon just posted a new article:

=> The Twelve Most Anticipated New Board Games of 2022

Here are some of what they say about ISS Vanguard:

But ISS Vanguard also seems to be pulling together some of Awaken Realms’ best gags, including lengthy choose-your-own-adventure-style narrative encounters. There’s even an optional voice-over app, complete with music to help set the mood. It’s also another game that feels designed from the ground up to be a satisfying single-player experience. Add in a handy binder to keep select ship components properly stowed between games, and you’ve got a very robust product.

I’d agree … for those looking to play SOLO, it is great (not just advertising hype). But it plays well at all player counts, from 1 to 4 (but note that you might accomplish some missions taking less than 4 Sections on the Lander down to the planet).

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