Buy a copy of This War of Mine game and ALL proceeds goes to support Ukraine humanitarian efforts

This War of Mine is another excellent Awaken Realms game from 5-6 years ago. It is virtually unavailable anywhere right now, but Awaken Realms is selling all the surplus copies that had gone unsold and were in storage and donating 100% of the revenue they collect towards humanitarian efforts for those in Ukraine.

This is your chance to both support Ukraine AND get a great game that is no longer available elsewhere.

You can get it via Gamefound here:

=> Ukraine Cause Sale

PLUS … Upgrade Packs are available as well:

=> Upgrade Pack for This War of Mine

You can read about the game on my other website:

=> This War of Mine (on Game Day Games website)

NOTE: The Polish distributor for This War of Mine (11 Bit Studios) also was donating proceeds from the sale of the game (digital version) to humanitarian support for Ukraine. This donation week has ended and they donated $680,000. Here is their statement:

Not sure where you can purchase the game though. Our local game store cannot get it. It is out of stock at Miniature Market. It is out of stock at Noble Knight Games. But it seems Amazon UK has 2 left in stock.

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