March 14 Monday Q&A with Marcin

The Monday Marcin Q&A is over but recorded so you can watch it at any time. Here is a link to this Q&A (summary highlights under the video window):

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights will be added here after it is recorded:

  1. 4:01 – Marcin talks about This War of Mine – Ukraine Humanitarian Support. About 400-500 games were in storage that they sold with all revenue (other than taxes and shipping) went to Ukraine Humanitarian Support. This about 45,000 – 50,000 Euros (about $50,000-$55,000). He is proud of everyone who supported this because it is really important to help people.
  2. 6:55 – Four out of the Five people putting together the final files for ISS Vanguard got sick (Covid?). So they were unable to finish the files. However, they are doing everything they can to meet the timeline. About 90% of the components are already out there. They are working on the rule book now. It looks like they will be able to make it within their timeline. They hope to have first test mass production copies of the game in the first half of April (if their factory is running – some of the factories have been closing due to COVID).

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