May 2 Monday Q&A with Marcin

Highlights: Final Production Copy, Unboxing, 2nd Wave, 1st Wave Language Edition, Excited, Wave 1

The Monday Marcin Q&A is over but was recorded so you can watch it at any time.  Here is the video link and the usual Highlights and Summary are below it:

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights:

  1. 4:50 – They might get the final production copy this month (like 95% chance). Then he will sit and show us all the content of it. It is going to be HUGE. It will be a really cool unboxing.
    NOTE: The unboxing that Marci referred to will likely be done with Asia (or Joanna) from On Table. See her unboxing of prototype 1 here => Unboxing Prototype 1 Nov 30 2020 –  you can see her wonderfully professional way of presenting an unboxing – I look forward to this for the final game in a few weeks!
  2. 6:50 – Q: Any guess when 2nd wave will ship? A: The 2nd waves are typically easier to do than the 1st waves. Guess would be between 1 and 1 1/2 years after the 1st wave. 
  3. 8:45 – Q: Any guess for 1st wave language edition shipping? A: Hard to say. Once they are shipping the 1st Wave English they should be putting out an update for the Language edition shipping.
  4. 10:40 – Q: Really looking forward to ISS Vanguard delivery. A: Marcin is SO EXCITED for ISS Vanguard! It will be a true adventure and journey. It was a long wait but it will be really polished and you will see how much effort went into the manual and all the sections and the base mechanics and the story and the graphics and the layout … it’s all really good and really good looking. 
  5. 15:05 – Q: When is Wave 1 expected? A: Shipping should be about 2 months after he gets the first production copy. It will be in their posted updates.

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