Designing, Developing and Distributing a Game is NOT Easy!

Just looking at Awaken Realms latest Update 37 photos from the factory makes it clear (to me anyway) that producing a game is not an easy task. I say, “hats off” to Awaken Realms for working through all the significant issues with production and manufacturing to already be at this point with their Epic game ISS Vanguard:

Pallets stacked with ISS Vanguard paper components:

ISS Vanguard Paper Components

Cardboard Sheets of tokens and standees:

Tokens and Standees

Pallets of Spiral Bound Planetopedia books:

Spiral Bound Planetopedia
So Many Planetopedia Books The Seem To Be Blocking The Door

Pallets of glossy card stock that will make the Secret Envelopes:

Glossy Card Stock for Secret Envelopes

Game Boards for the Planetopedia book:

Pallets of Game Board pages for the Planetopedia book

Card Stock Boards / Trays for Each Section:

Four Sections Card Stock Boards

Card Stock Lander Boards / Trays

Stacks of Lander Trays / Boards

Bins of Plastic Components

Bins of Plastic Components

Alien Armies Lined Up Ready To March Out (reminds me of the scene of the huge Dalek army in Doctor Who)

Trays of Alien Miniatures

More Trays full of miniatures

More Trays full of Miniatures

=> Photos of Sundrop Miniatures

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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  1. I think all the producer’s have the same problem.
    So “hat’s off” to all of them. They “fight”, almost every day, with pandemic crisis, worldwide economic problems, us (because some of us have crazy demand’s).


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