What’s In The Box?

This is NOT from the official unboxing … but it is direct from Polish YouTube channel On Table with Asia (or Joanna) and Marcin. The video itself is in Polish, but the screenshots are in English (ha ha ha):

=> 14 minute On Table video

(1) Top layer inside the game box:

(2) Then the layer below it:

(3) Then below is where Asia (or Joanna) takes out a tray:

(4) Info on the various “layers” inside the game box are shown right on the outside of the bottom of the game box:

(5) The Planetopedia appears to be the same size and style:

(6) Opened up to an example planet game board:

(7) The next planet game board:

(8) Planet Game Board #3:

(9) Planet 4 Game Board:

(10) Marcin, explaining the game (with some of the miniature models along the bottom of the screen):

(11) A model of one of the ships (this may be the ISS Vanguard itself):

(12) Here is a shot of the lower level in the game box – you can see the four individual trays for each of the four Sections, color coded appropriately:

(13) The Ship Book is opened on the table here (the rule book is underneath it):

(14) And some of the pages that go into the Ship Book binder:

(15) And … what so many people are hoping to see … the dice:

(16) And for those who love both dice and miniatures (you can see a Danger Die in front – and it is orange now):

(17) And here you see the P.E.T. miniatures:

(18) And crew miniatures (missing one of the Engineering crew models):

(19) The Log Book (looks similar to the prototype 2 logbook):

(20) Rule Book:

(21) RECON Section player board:

(22) And some of the punch cards showing some alien standees, success tokens, discovery tokens, turn tokens and more:

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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