Official Unboxing (with dozens of screenshots)

Here is Marcin with Joanna (host of the Polish YouTube channel On Table) for the official unboxing of ISS Vanguard (summary and highlights are listed below the video window –  yes, you get all the first portion with the $99 Core Box – But this video also unboxes the Expansions after the Core Box)

Summary and Highlights:

  1. The ISS Vanguard Core Box weighs 8 kg, which is an absolute record for an Awaken Realms game. This is more than they had planned originally, but during development they kept adding more content!
  2. 1:30 – Instructions on how to put everything back into the box are printed right on the side of the box! (the 3 ring binder is inside the box too)
  3. 2:00 – Punch cards for the Standees and tokens
  4. 2:40 – The Rule Book – Paul Grogan helped put it together. The Index to the rule book is on the back cover.

  1. 4:25 – Binder pages for the Ship Book 3 ring binder
  2. 5:50 – Planetopedia (41 pages) – the “Planet Book” with your game boards
  3. 6:50 – Ship Book 3 ring binder (with the pack of card holder pages)
  4. 7:00 – Secret Envelope
  5. 9:30 – Landers
  6. 10:25 – System Maps – they tried to base the systems on real science
  7. 12:05 – Comic Book (a “freebie” that was not promised but is now included) – plus there is a free download of the PDF for the Comic => ISS Vanguard Comic
  8. 12:55 – Operations Book (for game play that is not part of the campaign) – one or two in the core box and more will come with Wave 2.
  9. 13:40 – The APP includes sound effects and background effects (such as an explosion) and multiple voice actors rather than just one narrator.
  10. 13:50 – Logbook –  you actually mark things IN the logbook as you play! (The APP also keeps track of all this for you as well if you are using the APP). When you finish the campaign the full logbook is available for you to print a new copy for yourself to play again or to give to another person.

    Info about that QR Code on the cover => Official Resource Page
  11. 15:14 – The INSERT (the best and coolest that Awaken Realms has ever had)
  12. 15:30 – Double Layer Section Boards
  13. 16:35 – Sundropped Miniatures in the Core Box (and Marcin pointed out that Awaken Realms games are not just miniatures … out of an 8 kg box, this is all the miniatures that are included – there are a lot of cards, dice and everything)

  14. z=18:50 – 2nd Layer INSERT – you can individually remove 7 sections that comprise this layer of the insert –  it is very functional – each section has it’s own lid
  15. 19:25 – Each of the four Sections has it’s own color coded storage bin for cards and dice
  16. 20:05 – Divider cards to bookmark each type of card in the storage bins
  17. 20:55 – Planetary Scanner
  18. 21:15 Crewmember Cards
  19. 21:50 – Rank Sleeves indicate what Section the crewmember is in plus what rank (experience) – they allow for those who are sleeving all their cards
  20. 23:40 –  Encounter Cards (includes Aliens)
  21. 24:15 – Planet Save cards (to save the status of the planet itself so that if you return to it later, it can be in the same state that you left it)
  22. 25:15 – A look into the bottom layer of the box insert:
  23. 26:10 – Leads Bag (large enough to fit your hand into it)
  24. 26:20 – DICE – standard dice are extremely clear and easy to read at a distance
  25. 28:40 – Square Equipment Cards and other cards

The official unboxing continues on another page:

=> Unboxing Expansions (miniatures, PETs, Personnel Files, Dice)

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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