Unboxing Expansions

You also may wish to see Part 1 of this official unboxing:

=> Unboxing the Core Box

Now, here is Part 2 of the official unboxing:

Jump to: Close Encounters / P.E.T.s / Personnel Files / Deluxe Dice / Section Boxes / Player Mats / Posters

EXPANSION: Close Encounters (miniatures)

The unboxing video continues here (queued to the right spot):

  1. 29:45 – Close Encounters Expansion box sundrop version (same length and width as the core box)
  2. 29:55 – The BACK of the Close Encounters box shows all the miniatures that are inside:
  3. 30:10 – Double sided sheet at the top showing where each miniature is to go
  4. 30:25 – Top layer of miniatures:
  5. 30:55 – Ships are a metallic color
  6. 31:20 – some of the miniatures are two part molds where you can fit together different things

  7. 31:50 – Three piece miniature that can be changed during the game:

    Then later you can update (change) it to include a protection field:
  8. 33:00 – Joanna calls this “board game lego”
  9. 34:20 – Some alien models have multiple parts the can split off onto your board and cause you “problems”

  1. 35:20 – Some aliens are humanoid:
  2. 35:40 – Even natural disasters can have miniatures like this “tornado”
  3. 36:05 – P.E.T. with a place on its “back” to put a section die

EXPANSION: Section P.E.T.’s

36:30 – Each Section can have it’s own P.E.T. but they do not add to the gameplay and are merely cosmetic:

Here are three of them (not including the robot with the D4 die)

EXPANSION: Personnel Files

37:30 – It took a lot of extra work to get this finished in time for Wave 1 but they did it!

Comes with a book:

and two decks of special cards:

These can add an emotional connection to the crew members.

EXPANSION: Upgraded Dice

39:10 – Upgraded Dice come in their own bag:

Example die placed in the P.E.T. carrying bin

The other dice also have a deluxe version, such as a kind of translucent injury dice:

EXPANSION: Section Boxes

40:45 – Section boxes are colored for each Section and have magnets to hold the lid on as well as the top dice layer to the bottom section with the cards:

EXPANSION: Player Mats

42:40 – Four color coded (by the edge stitching and colored logo) Player Mats for each Section that have a place for the double sided Section Board in the center and clearly marked areas to place cards used during game play:


43:35 – The posters also will be included in Wave 1:

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