You can bring one pet on board ISS Vanguard

Unofficial Update: ISS Vanguard is about to lift off on its journey. The coordinates for our destination are already set into the ship’s auto navigation system. It was the year 2028 when those coordinates were discovered, but it was in the 2030’s that our ship, the ISS Vanguard, was completed and moved onto the launch pad after years spent developing and testing the “ships drive”. But the final test of this “drive” will be when ISS Vanguard unofficially lifts off on August 23, 2022 and the daily countdown to arrival AT THOSE COORDINATES begins!

We won’t be counting down TO Lift Off … we will be counting down AFTER lift off… counting down to our arrival at what is supposed to be our final destination… counting down to when ISS Vanguard is in place for our first Away Team to board the Space Ranger lander and launch to the planet that we expect to find there!

Here on Earth as our games traverse the land and sea, we will count down the days of our journey through our solar system, through our galaxy, and out into the vast universe.

We don’t know how long ISS Vanguard will journey through space before it reaches it’s final destination, just as we don’t know how long it will be until the games arrive at our doorsteps.

But we DO know that ISS Vanguard will arrive at it’s final destination coordinates at the same time as you receive your game and you prepare your away team for your first planetary exploration mission.

And we do know that it may be worthwhile to be ready once the game arrives at our doors.

So, beginning August 23, 2022 I will be begin our count down and hope to post one informative article each day until reports come in that backers are receiving their games! I am still trying to decide how many days to allow for that full shipping process and what arrival date is reasonable to aim for with this count down. Our ISS Vanguard community has submitted estimates for the date when the first backers get their games ranging from September 28 out to October 31. I will probably decide our estimated “at a backers doorstep” the day we have “lift off”!

Meanwhile, looking at the final rule book, we know that Amir Zaynab will be on the Away Team for the Tutorial mission (should you choose to start there).

As you can see … Amir has brought along his “pet”. Is it a ring tailed lemur? What do you think? And, since we thus know that pets are allowed on board the ISS Vanguard, what pet would you like to bring along with you? Maybe once the game has been played for a week or two we could put together a fan based expansion that included real live pets! (ie, not the robotic P.E.T.s but nice cuddly ones:)

Stay tuned for more updates on our pending launch and the beginning of our count down!

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