Final Rulebook

Awaken Realms has released the final rulebook for ISS Vanguard:

=> Final Rulebook Aug 19 2022
Also, note that rules for the Ship Phase are in the Ship Book (not the Rulebook)
=> Almost Final Ship Book Dec 5 2021 (the final is not available online yet)

Rulebook Highlights:

  • Pages 4-5: Components List
  • Pages 11-14 Setup
  • Pages 15-20 Playing the beginning of the Tutorial
  • Pages 21-25 Items of note
  • Pages 25-28 Continuing the Campaign
  • Pages 29-41 Planetary Exploration Rules
  • Pages 31-36 Dice Checks
  • Pages 36-41 Miscellaneous Items
  • Page 41 – Resetting your game
  • Pages 42-43 Glossary of Standees and Equipment
  • Pages 44-45 Glossary of Game Terms
  • Pages 46-47 Glossary of Icons
  • Page 48 (back cover) Index

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