(27) Count Down – The Crew List

Levi O’Connor was having a good day. Plus, today he was feeling a bit scientific! Actually, he was wondering if that really was what he was feeling! In any case, he thought that maybe he was being led to head over to the Science Section to see how the crew there were doing. As he walked in, there was his buddy Amir playing with his pet ring-tailed lemur! (photo of the final crew card courtesy of Shea)

Amir noticed Levi walk in and went over to chat. He had questions and who else to ask other than his buddy Levi! He told Levi that he really liked being in the Science Section, but that Security was trying to recruit him over into their Section now! (see rulebook pages 12 and 40). So he was wondering why!? Levi thanked him for trusting him with this question. And then a thought popped into Levi’s head. The motto for the Science Section was “Searching For Questions”.

So, he sat down with Amir and told him…

That is a good question Amir. You tend to have lots of good questions. I think Science is the right Section for you, for they acknowledge that every day they go out searching for questions! And, me too, Amir. It seems that someone in my position (as chaplain) is in the midst of questions everyday as well. Maybe I should be part of the Science Section!? What do you think?

And then Levi got everyone in the Science Section together to bless them this day!

My friends, the Lord is near and ever present, so you can talk with him about all your questions and need not be anxious at all.
=> Science Section Blessing (full blessing – printable PDF with clickable links)

Which leads right into a listing of all 90 crewmembers by Name, by Origin (ie, country), by Converter symbol and by Skill. I have typed all the crew info into a Google Doc file, then sorted it based on the four different columns. Here are the [updated v3] PDFs sorted by:

  1. Crewmembers Name Order v3
  2. Crewmembers Origin Order v3
  3. Crewmembers Converter Order v3
  4. Crewmembers Skill Order v3

If you’d like these as Google Docs files, please CONTACT ME and we can work it out.

You can use the first list to find the basic info about a crewmember if you know their name.

You can use the second list if you’d like to find a crewmember from a specific country or origin.

You can use the third list if you’d like to find which crewmembers can convert a BASIC die face into a specific section die face (such as pick ax). See the article that explains these 9 basic icons:
=> Dice Symbols

And finally (and most interesting), you can use the fourth list to find the crewmembers with a specific skill.

In tomorrow’s Count Down article, I will endeavor to explain the various abilities and areas of expertise… so Stay Tuned!

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Next Count Down article=> Crew Skills

One thought on “(27) Count Down – The Crew List

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  1. Len,

    Is this the correct for the crew data in the final production? Is there an official AR document on this / where did you get the info to compile? Is there a way to get this in a format that can be imported to excel (e.g. can it be exported to a comma delimited file which could then be imported to excel)?

    I was planning to create a sortable excel spreadsheet for this but didn’t know where to get the official final info so was just waiting to receive my copy. But if I can get it done now that would be great.



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