Volunteers needed to watch these three Official pages!

One of the things the Official Final Rulebook provided us was the link to three official Awaken Realms ISS Vanguard webpages! Currently these pages are not functional, but any day now one by one they should “GO LIVE”. This is your chance to be the eyes for our community! Check these three pages and let me know (via the CONTACT ME page) when you see them GO LIVE so I can post it here for everyone to check out! Here are the three Official pages (taken from page 10 of the Rulebook) to keep an eye on:

  1. LEARN ( issvanguard.com/learn ) – where the Video Tutorial will be:
  2. APP ( issvanguard.com/app ) – where the APP info will be (unsure why this page is needed, you should only get your apps directly from the App Store or the Play Store and the ISS Vanguard Companion App is already there):
  3. RESOURCES ( issvanguard.com/resources ) – where you will find resources like up-to-date print & play copies of the Logbook, Operations book, Planetary Record Sheets, as well as the official FAQ and other helpful documents.

See also the previous article about these pages:
=> Three Official Webpages

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